Thursday, January 28, 2010

My first 30 packs of 2010 Topps--collation test

I stopped by Target yesterday. Really, I had a list of things to buy and the list was short. 2010 Topps. Well, check that off the list as I found a nearly full triple size gravity feeder. I didn't think to look at how many packs it had, but I pulled out 30 and there were at least 20 left. I'm posting the first pack in it's entirety. Then I'll post the breakdown on the whole 30 packs and see how it might compare to a hobby box since what I paid was roughly the same price as a hobby box.
First Topps Card of the 2010:

#295 Kevin Youklis...or a card featuring a bunch of Red Sox fans.

#22 Anthony Swarzak

#175 Josh Hamilton-Only three cards to get my first Ranger. A good pack to start with if you ask me.

#233 A.L. RBI Leaders

#159 Vernon Wells

#171 A.L. Wins Leaders

#TR26 Dexter Fowler

Red Back 14 Cal Ripken Jr.-These are really nice.

ToppsTown 9 Roy Halladay
#104 Mets Franchise History-I'm not opposed to these cards, but they fall way too frequently. A certain blogger I know is going to love the adds in the background behind Tom Seaver.

#214 Matt Kemp-After one pack, this gets my vote for card of the year. Maybe I should see a few more before I award it that title, but it is a great action shot. I wonder if he held on to the ball. You can see it in the very tip of his glove.

#238 Ian Stewart-Can someone tell me why the the other cards say "Rangers", "Jays", "Mets" or "Twins" and this one says "Colorado Rockies"? I know there aren't a ton of Rockies fans, but don't we all know they are from Colorado?
That was my first 12 card pack. I have 29 more that I opened and the collation results are coming up. The total cost for these 30 packs was about $10 more than a pre-sell Hobby box from Blowout and dacardworld. The hobby box contains 36 1o card packs. I'll be ordering a hobby box to test it out as well. Incidentally, I went to the local card shop and he said his hobby boxes were going to run $69.99 and jumbo boxes $130. I like to support local business, but that is so far above what you can get those for on the net, it's ridiculous. Here is what I got from the retail packs.
Total cards received: 360, so I did get the right number of cards.
Base: 220/330---66.7%
SP: 1--#90b Rogers Hornsby
48 Base Dupes-13.3%
1951 Redbacks, retail exclusive--The pack says to "collect all 15" but they "2 in a series of 45". I got 7 total. Hornsby, Spahn, Young, Pujols, Foxx, Ripken Jr., Wright.
Million Card giveaway codes: 5--if they're not giving away actual cards then these are a waste.
Legendary Lineage--1:4--8 total
Peak Performers--1:4--8 total
Topps Town--30, 8 dupes.
Topps Gold--1, Yovani Gallardo--This is where I got shafted. These fall 9 per hobby box.
The Cards Your Mother Threw Out--1:3--9 total, I assume there is one of these representing every year Topps has been around. I got #1 which is the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle.
Turkey Red 1:4--7 total
Tales of the Game 1:6--4 total, including the Jeter Flip play at the plate.
When They Were Young 1:8--6 total, I beat the odds pulling 6 of these, but YAWN...who cares.
History of the Game 1:6--6 total
There you have it, the results of 30 retail packs. It was a fun rip and I like some of the inserts. I should be able to finish the set with a hobby box. I should, that doesn't mean I will.


  1. I guess all I need to do to pull Jays and Rockies is go to your 10 states away.

    If you're not too attached to that Fowler I wouldn't mind letting him hang around here. I have a healthy stack of Rangers for you, as well.

  2. What are your thoughts on the design? I won't have my boxes for a couple more days, but just from the scans it seems like the logos are enormous, and the font for the names seems out of place as well. I have seen the backs though, and they look REALLY good to the large numbers makes it easier to collate without getting a headache.

  3. It looks like the Redbacks are going to span all three series with 15 in each.

    From what I've read, each of those prize cards corresponds to a specific card that Topps is giving away. I think they tried to obtain one of every card that they've ever produced and then there are multiples of some of the better cards. So, the majority of these cards will be commons, but some will be nice surprises. I think I also remember reading that people would have to pay to have their cards shipped to them similar to eTopps, but I'm hoping that Topps changes that before these codes go live.

  4. The collect all 15 - No. 2 of 45 probably indicates that Target will be putting out 15 cards per series. How hard are these Million card Giveaway things? I've only seen one on another blog, but you just pulled 5?

  5. I like most of the pictures I've seen, but the fonts and logos seem a little sloppy and off-balanced. Not that they should be the same, but they don't go together at all. Logos should be half the size, IMO.

  6. I believe the contest cards are actually pretty common. I bought four packs and pulled two of them myself.

    I'm surprised (no wait, disappointed) the stupid things are numbered as if they are an actual insert set.

  7. Roy, send me an email and we'll talk!

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  9. Hard to believe 2010 was the first baseball cards I bought.