Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year Contest Break Packs 7-9

After 6 packs, AdamE is our leader in the clubhouse with 6 points. He pulled the second Hall of Famer of the break. Will any of today's participants be as lucky? There is only one way to find out so let's bust some cheap wax.

On the clock today, we have:

Pack 7--1989 Topps 15 cards--Thorzul
Pack 8--1992 Donruss 15 cards--tastelikedirt
Pack 9--1989 Fleer 15 cards--Jeremy

Pack 7 Thorzul--1989 Topps (Brewers)

#521 Mickey Tettleton--Orioles

#132 Curt Ford--Cardinals

#140 Shawon Dunston--Cubs

#459 Mariners Leaders--Mariners, This is a play at the plate card...sort of post play actually.

#478 Doug Drabek--Pirates

#338 Jim Adduci--Brewers +3 Mr. Adduci's never been worth more than he is right now!

#471 Steve Curry--Red Sox
#598 Ken Gerhart--Orioles
#654 Whitey Herzog--Cardinals +5 HOF
#68 Darrell Miller--Angels
#757 Brady Anderson--Orioles
#614 Joe Hesketh--Expos
#331 Curt Wilkerson--Rangers +1
#134 Don Zimmer
#524 Checklist

Thorzul managed to pull off the trifecta--one Ranger, one team player (Brewers) and one Hall of Famer. That equals 9 points. I had to make a decision on Whitey and the Hall of Fame. Technically, he doesn't go in until 2010, but he's already been confirmed so he's in as far as I'm concerned. With two packs to go in this round, Thorzul is the leader.

Pack 8 Taste Like Dirt--1992 Donruss (A's)
#178 Greg Hibbard--White Sox
#377 David Gallagher--Angels
#188 Mark Portugal--Astros
#183 Joe Klink--A's +3
#194 Rod Nichols--Indians
#127 George Bell--Cubs
#116 Kent Mercker--Braves
#122 Jeff Gray--Red Sox
#115 Chili Davis--Twins
#211 Bryan Harvey--Angels
#90 Bobby Rose--Angels
#366 Tim Burke--Mets
#360 Zane Smith--Pirates
#371 Bip Roberts--Padres, Did you know Bip's real name was Leon Joseph? I didn't.
#133 Dave Winfield--Angels +5 HOF

Taste like Dirt made a valiant effort, pulling 8 points in his pack. His first choice in the contest was A's, and he threw the Angels out as a second choice. Unfortunately for him, he had to stick with his first choice. That cost him 9 points.

Pack 9 Jeremy--1989 Fleer (Mets)
Dodgers Sticker
#410 Jeff Kaiser--Indians
#456 Greg Mathews--Cardinals
#278 Bill Buckner--Royals....I didn't remember Buckner playing for the Royals.
#199 Bill Wegman
#34 Kevin Elster--Mets +3
#409 Doug Jones--Indians
#173 Jeff Treadway--Reds
#431 Greg Maddux--Cubs...He looks young on this card.
#496 Dave Gallagher--White Sox
#49 Darryl Strawberry--Mets +3
#190 Jeff Leonard--Brewers
#93 Spike Owen--Red Sox
#617 Cal Ripken Jr. +5 HOF
#343 Chris Speier--Giants...I had no idea Speier played 19 years. None
#629 Tom Browning Pitcher Perfect--Reds

Jeremy keeps our streak of pulling HOF'ers alive at 5 packs. Cal Ripken Jr. was bound to make an appearance at some point as these packs were produced right in the middle of his career. Jeremy also takes a healthy lead with 11 points. We'll finish up tomorrow with packs 10-13. Feel free to point out any scoring errors you may notic.


  1. wow! I did pretty good. I'm finally winning something! Whoo Hoo! Darryl Strawberry and Cal Ripken jr. in the same pack. There's still 4 more packs to go though.

  2. being a Phillies fan and all that, he should lose points for Mets cards!