Monday, January 18, 2010

Baseball Hall of Fame 2011 Ranger Connection

Three former Texas Rangers players are eligible to be on the ballot for the first time for the 2011 Hall of Fame class. They are Kevin Brown, Juan Gonzalez and Rafael Parlmeiro. Do any of them have a realistic shot to make it? Let's look at some numbers for Kevin Brown.

Kevin Brown pitched 19 years in the majors, although his first two seasons consisted of one and 4 appearances respectively. In 486 career games, Brown compiled a 211-144 record for a winning percentage of .524. Brown had a 3.28 ERA in 3,256.1 innings pitched and had 2397 strikouts to counter his 901 walks. He managed to toss 72 complete games and 17 shutouts. He was a 5 time All-Star, starting and winning one game.

Kevin Brown also pitched in two World Series. Despite his terrible performance in the 1997 Series, the Marlins still won. He went 0-2 with an 8.18 ERA. He fared almost as poorly in 1998 pitching in the Series for the Padres, going 0-1 with a 4.40 ERA in 14.1 innings. The Padres did not win the Series.

Kevin Brown may be best known for the big money he got from the Dodgers. Over his last 7 seasons he was paid about $105 million by the Dodgers (5 years) and Yankees (last 2 years). That money bought 72 wins to go along with 45 losses. Neither the Dodgers or Yankees won a World Series while Brown was on the team.

Is Kevin Brown Hall of Fame material? There's no doubt he had some decent numbers. His career ERA and strikeout totals are good. His win total is really not what it needs to be. He may garner a few first ballot votes, but I don't know that he'll ever be inducted.

What do you think?

More on Gonzo and Raffy to come.


  1. Brown - No. Juan (my back hurts) - No. Palmiero - Yes.

  2. I realize that each of these guys were also mentioned in the Mitchell Report. But there were a lot of guys most likely left out of the Mitchell Report. None the less I think only Palmeiro put up HOF numbers and he's going to have about as good a chance as McGwire of getting in to the Hall. Darn that Tejada character.

  3. I think that's about all for tonight... maybe more tomorrow.