Friday, January 22, 2010

Players on cards doing things they don't normally do: Ken Griffey Jr. Edition

Ken Griffey Jr.

Future Hall of Famer.

21 seasons, 9700 games, 630 HR, 15 Grand Slams. You don't expect to see a guy with 630 career homeruns doing this:

The stats show Griffey has 8 sacrifice hits in his career. Only 3 of those have come since 1991. One was in 1996 and could be pictured on this 1997 Bowman card. Of course, this could have been a foul ball or a bunt single. Either way, you don't expect to see Ken Griffey Jr. bunting. I'm guessing the third baseman was a little bit suprised. I know I was when I saw this card.


  1. That IS bizarre! I wonder if there was some kind of dramatic shift on.

    Looks like a good bunt too (or foul).

  2. either that or he's trying to pirouette!!