Friday, January 15, 2010

A Barrel of Generosity

I received a package on January 7th with Roll out the Barrel on the return address. I didn't remember having a trade in the works with Ed, but that didn't prevent me from opening the package.

A note fell out that said "Hi Brian, I've been doing some paring of the ol' collection. I remembered that you're putting a set together w/ your son-Hope you can use these! Cheers, Ed." Well, that is awfully generous if you ask me. He sent over a stack of 2009 Topps for my son's set and a few other Rangers for me. I'll be updating my son's 09 wantlist in the coming days, but until then here are just a few (really, I promise) of the cards Ed sent over.

Here are a couple of the 09 Topps cards. I picked them because they're former Rangers. Rod Barajas played for Texas from 2004-2006. He appeared in 325 games. Gabe Kapler was a Ranger from 2000-2002. He played in 322 games. I still hear Gabe on 1310 AM The Ticket on the Bob and Dan Radio Show (BAD Radio) from time to time. He played in a fantasy football league with the radio guys this year. They had guys from the Dallas Stars and other local celebs/listeners in the league. I remember because they did the first round of their fantasy draft on the air and Gabe called in from the visitors dugout at Yankee Stadium before a Rays-Yankees game.

Here is another of those 2009 Topps UH Gold cards. I think this is the second Kris Benson I've received. That means there are only 2007 out there for the rest of you!

Are there two versions of these...regular size and mini? If so this is a mini version of the 2007 UD Goudey Hank Blalock. The design isn't great, but that happens to retro cards sometimes. While an original Goudey would be awesome, sometimes the older designs don't translate well.

Kevin Mench even looks slow on this 2003 UD First Pitch card. He may not have been a speed demon, but "Shrek" was very popular among Rangers fans. He played 5 of his 8 years in the majors for Texas. For his career, he appeared in 702 games with 89 homers (80 for Texas), 330 runs batted in and a .269 average. I still miss ya Shrek!

If you've been reading my blog very long, you know I'm all about Plays at the Plate. But I like any good photo and there are some very good bunting shots out there. Many of them feature Brett Butler, but this 1994 UD Collector's Choice Doug Strange is nice too. It is really a nice photo, well cropped and it looks like he was seriously committed to this bunt attempt. Doug only played for the Rangers in 1993 and 1994, but I only remember him as a Ranger because I went to so many games in 1994, the year the Ballpark in Arlington opened. I should have posted the back of the card because it shows Rickey Henderson trying to break up a double play.

Ed, thanks so much for the unexpected cards and for helping with my son's set!


  1. Very nice stuff... Ed is a GREAT guy... The 2007 goudey cards only came in mini form, there are two variations the red ink back and green ink back. In 2009 there are both regular and mini but everyone looks like a ghost.

  2. Hey Brian, Glad you liked them and I hope your son's set is going well!

  3. I already used my barrel joke, and a Mr. Ed lline just doesn't seem funny right now.