Tuesday, January 5, 2010

An Issue With Generosity

I have had the good fortune to run across many generous bloggers in my brief blogging career. One of the latest acts of generosity was from Bud over at First Day Issues. I actually received two very small, but incredible packages on the same day. The first was a couple of Rangers with a note that just said Merry Christmas. This is what I found inside.

A very, very nice, very, very blue swatch of Ivan Rodriguez jersey on a 2002 Topps Finest card. I love the blue swatches. They're so much better than the white or gray...not that I'll turn those down, I just like that Ranger blue best.

This is how you do on-card autos. Nice design and plenty of space for the player to give a nice signature. Hank doesn't have the greatest sig, but there are plenty that are much worse. The "H" and "B" are good at least. This is my only 2005 Cracker Jack auto and I think it is amazing. Thanks so much Bud! I'm on the prowl for some M goodies for you.
Now, the second package included a couple of cards I requested in a trade post that Bud put up. I've been searching for some equally nice cards to send back, but Bud went ahead and sent them to me anyway. These were player-collection cards and are great additions that I'm glad to have.

This is a 2008 Piece of History Cut from the Same Cloth Dual Swatch of Victor Martinez and Joe Mauer, #45/99. This is going to look nice among the other Mauer's I've acquired.

I didn't realize until I had the picture ready to go that the penny sleeve had "BV 10" written on it. I can live with that, and I can certainly live with having this 2005 UD Classic Materias Carlton Fisk jersey card. The stitching through the middle gives it a little character.
Bud, you constantly surprise me with the packages you send. Big or small, they are all great. I only hope the package I send back is as nice to you as this one was for me. Thanks!


  1. Hmm. The one card I have pulled with stitching kind of annoyed me. Not so much because of the stiching, probably more so due to the John Lackey-ness of it.

    That Pudge is downright sexy though. I believe there is a place for exciting, rainbow foil relics and also for plain, appealing autos and relics like the Blalock or cards such as Skybox's FreshInk series.

  2. Glad you liked the cards Brian. It was tough for me holding off sending the Pudge and Blalock till Christmas, but I'm happy I did. Now that I know catchers are a target of yours I will be on the lookout for them too. Hope all is well in the "much sunnier than Washington" state. Take care!

  3. Bud, I found two cards I hope you'll like that I'm sending out with a package for you either Wednesday or Thursday (I work a double shift on Wednesday). I'm going to let you be surprised and you can let me know if it's fair or not.

  4. Nice Mauer relic!! extra Christmas goodies, gotta love it!