Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wicked New Header

I recently posted a trade package from Wicked Ortega of It's My Past Time....I Love It! I didn't include one card in the post. Wicked sent it in a top loader and wrote that I could use it as a headliner. I thought that was a great idea. You can see it live and in color at the top of my blog. It's a 2007 Topps Turkey Red "Play at the Plate". I know that is Joe Crede sliding, but do you know who the catcher is? I'm just dense enough not to recognize him or the uniform, but I know one you will know. I think this may actually be the second copy of this card I've received via trade. I think it was awfully nice of Topps to honor my blog with it's very own card, two full years before the blog started.

I've got quite a few great play at the plate cards so I may end up going with a collage effect. That's right, I said collage. I think I'd like to have 5 or 6 different cards on the header. I just have to figure out how to do it. For now, I like the change and think it fits nicely.

Thanks for the idea Wicked!


  1. Gotta be Posada. Chicago has the away unis on, pinstripes are home, it's outdoors, and it looks like Yankis in the dugout. Great card!

  2. Nice header. Perhaps you can rotate the cards as the header.

  3. Sweet new look for your blog. That's the perfect card for your header. Must have cost a fortune to get Topps to make it special for ya!

  4. Thanks everyone. I've been wanting to change it up and the more I see it the more I like it.