Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Padrograph On-"Slaught"

I'm not sure about the origins of getting "Bipped". I'm not sure if I got "Bipped". What I know is that I got "Slaught"ered.

I know, two 1987 Fleer Don Slaughts are the equivalent of a paper cut.

Three 1988 Topps Don Slaughts and one 1987 Donruss Opening Day are just a flesh wound.

However, eight 1987 Topps Don Slaughts....well, that's a freakin' bloodbath.

Rod from Padrographs says he was just "clearing" out some cards, but I wonder if there wasn't a more sinister plan in the works. He did include some other Rangers to make the Slaught-er worthwhile.

This is a touching 1992 Upper Deck Nolan Ryan Rangers Checklist. I can almost here the conversation now, "Sure kid, you can throw like me (yea right) someday if you work hard. Just grip it like this. Now, show your elders some respect or I'll show you the grip I'm going to use on Robin Ventura next year."

This 1992 Leaf Ivan Rodriguez card is the way I remember Pudge. No, not the dirty butt shot, the action. Pudge used his rifle arm to gun down runners at every base. If you were a runner on first or third, you had better be paying attention, or Pudge would pick you off before you adjusted yourself.

I think this may be my first 2009 Topps Finest Card and my first Julio Borbon card. Julio is a speed demon and should be among the league leaders in steals this season. IF he doesn't lose his job as the Rangers centerfielder because he can't throw. The word is, David Ortiz could score from second on a single up the middle. That isn't good.

A little Rangers 1978 goodness. This Bert Blyleven card is in great shape. Do you think I'll be able to describe him as HOF'er Bert Blyleven next year.

The most interesting "card" Rod sent isn't going to be shown. It is a 1991 Statium Club Charter Member Commemorative Nolan Ryan Medallion. It's a bronze replica of the regular card which commemorates Nolan's 300th win. I was afraid to put this on my new scanner because it weighs about 8 ounces and is of course metallic. Thanks Rod for an out of the blue package! That's the best kind!