Friday, January 29, 2010

Scanner 101--With a couple of questions

In case you hadn't noticed, I started using my scanner that I got for Christmas. I've been using it for a while, but I still haven't bothered to read the directions. I'm sure there are things it can do that would make me smack my forehead and say "Why didn't I read the directions?" I actually had a couple of those moments yesterday.

First, if you're a regular reader, (thank you) you might remember this scan from the package I got from Padrographs and posted a few days ago.

These cards were the last ones I scanned that day. I gathered everything up and went about the business of being a dad and husband. The next day, I go to scan some more cards and EVERY SINGLE TIME, the card I would scan would save, and one of these would save too...

The problem, in hindsight, was silly, but at the time I was dumbfounded. I thought the scanner must have gotten the Don Slaught image "stuck" in it somehow and it was coming through every time. Finally, I went to load a 6 card group for scanning, when I opened the lid ALL the way and low and behold, there at the far end of the scanner was a Slaught card that I had left on the glass the day before. DUH!! How stupid is that. I scanned and deleted that Slaught card 50 times I bet. The good thing was it led to a breakthrough.

I had been scanning all my cards one at a time. After I found the Slaught card, it hit me that I could scan multiple cards at the same time and if I left some space between them, the scanner would read each one as a single image. Presto, scanning time cut down in a HUGE way. Now, it's much faster to scan a big group of cards. This may not bode well for Thorzul because I may actually start putting more scans in my trade posts.

Now for a couple of questions.

What size image do you use when posting a scan on your blog? I've only been blogging since August and I've used up 11% of the available space according to Blogger. I still have a long way to go, but I want to use the best size for viewing and saving space.

My second question is this. Often times, when I'm looking at other blogs, I'll click on an image so I can see it better. I don't think you can click on my images though. How do I set that up so it's possible to click on my images?

Thanks everyone!


  1. I use medium sized images. They post slightly smaller than a real card in web view. However, I have only been here since the November/December transition, so I haven't had much time to use up much space.

    I don't know about the clickability...I think mine are clickable. I'm sure it's just a box to check somewhere.

  2. I had been meaning to comment on the scanner... I realized about the multi image scan thing like last week (AFTER) I had scanned over 5000 cards 1 at a time... The clicking thing I dont know. My images click and enlarge on my browser, but not on most peoples. If ya figure it out, let me know...

  3. There is only so much space you can use up? Where do you find that at?

    As for the size of the image, I scan my cards at 300dpi and end up with a screen-sized card to look at. As for how to click on the cards, I have no idea. I can't click on yours or Trolls, but I can on about everyone elses.

  4. scanners come with directions?

    clicking on images and making them bigger is set in the options on blogger.

    I'm at 27% of my capacity. I guess when I hit 100%, it's time to move on.....

  5. SMACK! I can't believe I never thought of spacing the cards into single images! I have even done so by accident a few times and just deleted the other images and then continued to scan one (or a block_ at a time. Geeeeeez!

  6. I never could figure out how to enable/disable the click to enlarge feature. I would think there would be a checkable box somewhere, but I haven't been able to find one. I do know how to work around it though. You have to import your pictures then leave them alone. You can't move them. If you do, that seems to mess it up. I just figure out what order I want them to be, then upload them starting with the last one first so it will be at the bottom. Then I add in my text above and below the photos. It seems to work. Hope that helps.