Sunday, January 3, 2010

GCRL means Good Cards I Really Like

Ok, I know that post title was a stretch, but when GCRL, also known as GARVEY CEY RUSSELL LOPES contacted me about a Dodgers for Rangers trade, little did I know how many Rangers he was going to send. I haven't had the privilege of trading with Jim before, but I'm glad I said yes to this one. He sent over a small box nearly full of cards and even apologized that it wasn't quite full. You never have to apologize because you sent 150 Rangers instead of 180. I didn't count them, but it was a lot. I wish I could post them are just a few of the ones he sent.

At one time, in a galaxy far, far away, I became obsessed with getting a complete set of these 1993 Topps Gold cards. I ended up with a little over a 100 of them...but they went the way of the garage sale. Todd Burns pitched 1+ seasons with Texas appearing in 60 games and going 3-9 in 168 innings pitched. He was traded on 7/22/93 to the St. Louis Cardinals for Duff Brumley. He signed with Seattle on 2/1/94, but never appeared in another game. He did pitch in 5 World Series games for the Athletics from 1988-1990. He didn't allow a run in the 1988 or 1989 Series in 2 innings, but gave up 3 runs in 1.2 innings in the 1990 Series.

Here are the 1989 traded and 1990 Score Kevin Browns. I've mentioned how I didn't really like Kevin Brown. A couple of people have asked why. He pitched ok for Texas, going 78-64 in basically 6 full seasons (hi pitched in a few games in '86 and '88), winning 21 in 1992. His career numbers are pretty solid as well. In 19 years, he went 211-144 with 2,397 Ks. My problem with Brown was that he always seemed like a headcase and a locker room headache. I may be remembering wrong, but that's the way I remember him. I'm sure Dodger fans have much fonder memories of Kevin don't you.

I remember Todd Van Poppel as one of those can't miss, never hit prospects. He had a couple of swims through Texas and never panned out. He pitched in 4 games in 1998 for Texas, 50 games in 2002 and 7 games in 2003. I also thought it was interesting the back of this 2002 Topps Chrome Traded card shows he played for the White Sox in 2000 and 2001. According to Baseball-Almanac he played for the Cubbies those two seasons.

I've mentioned recently how much I like these 2001 Fleer EX cards. I like the color scheme and the embedded logo. What is a little frightening is the fact that Andres Galarraga looks like he's about 70 years old. His hair is very, very gray and on the back, he actually looks like an old Ray Romano. Andres only played in 72 games for the Rangers before being traded to the San Francisco Giants for Chris Magruder and Erasmo Ramirez.

On this 2001 UD Vintage card we get to see Rafael Palmeiro play a friendly game of pass the HGH.

Here are a couple of interesting Juan Gonzalez cards. The first is a 1993 Ted Williams card highlighting the "Dawning of a Legacy" that was Juan Gonzalez. The second is a 1993 UD Award Winners Juando showing him swinging at what must have been a terrible pitch. The card highlights Juan being the 1992 Home Run Champion so I guess the swing worked out for him.

I had a nice collection of these Topps Black Gold cards a while back and now I finally have one of them back where it belongs. It has a nice home next to it's shiny cousin, the 1997 Topps King of Swing Juan Gonzalez card.

It took me a minute to realize this 1986 Topps Oddibe McDowell must have been cut off the bottom of a box. I remember buying box after box of 1986 Topps because I could get it at Sam's Warehouse for less than $13 a box. I don't think I cut off any of the cards.

I've picked up a couple of these 2009 4-1's with Rangers on them, but this is my first with 4 Rangers on it. Well, 3 Rangers, since Marlon Byrd signed with the Cubs a few days ago. Good luck Marlon, I think we'll miss you around here.

More Pudge in gear goodness. The 2001 UD Ovation on the left has a nice thread like design built into it. It notes on the back that Pudge earned his 9th straight Gold Glove and batted .347 in 2000. The nice close-up on the 1993 Upper Deck is similar to a card I recently posted from a trade with Wicked Ortega. Only this time, Pudge has a mean scowl on his face. It says on the back that Pudge was the first player born in the 1970's to appear in the All-Star Game.

Every time I see Will Clark in a Texas Rangers uniform, like on this 1997 Topps card, I miss the days when I could go out to the ballpark and watch that sweet swing. I wonder if this is from one of his 2 steals in 1996.
At first, I was mad when I saw how the picture I took of this 1998 Stadium Club Mark McLemore turned out. Then I laughed. It made me look forward to using the scanner I got for Christmas. I think this is from 7/30/97. Baltimore beat Texas 3-1, but Brady Anderson was caught stealing by Pudge Rodriguez. John Burkett was on the mound for Texas.

Here are a couple of nice Rangers from a set I never saw, 2007 SP Rookie Edition.

I think this the 3rd 1978 Richie Zisk I've received in the last month. I appreciate any card from the 1970's. It IS a reminder of the needs of a wantlist like the one Night Owl has posted.

This is my favorite card of the bunch. I don't know who made it or exactly when. It has no other information than what you see on the front. The back is a smaller part of a large puzzle. The card is larger than normal, measuring 3 1/2" by 4 1/4". Any info would be appreciated.
Thanks again Jim! I've just about got your return box full of Dodgers and I'll mail it out next week.


  1. Impressive research on the 7/30/97 card. Love the geared up Pudges.

    Who's going to get the first Pudge in a Nats jersey?

  2. I'm constantly wondering what to do with my Juan Gonzalez player collection. I don't add to it anymore like I do with my Piazza collection, but there was a time when I was a big fan. If I ever decided to get rid of it, I'll definitely check and see if you are interested in any of it.

  3. Roy, I'm not sure, but I'll want it...I can't really see Pudge in a Nats jersey. It's bad enough seeing him in a Tigers jersey.

  4. Incredibly faceless picture!! Got to love flash photography and glossy cardstock.