Sunday, January 17, 2010

Apparently Texas Packsearchers Don't Like the Yankees

Last week I stopped off at the local Mom and Pop Store know who I'm talking about. Luckily and completely by design, I checked out at the register that was on the card aisle. I picked up one of those 4 pack re-pack things for $4.97, one pack of 2009 Heritage High Numbers, and two packs of 09 Topps 206. I'll get to the packsearcher fail at the end of the post.

The re-pack had one pack of each of the following: 2008 Heritage, 2007 Masterpieces, 2007 Topps and 2005 Donruss. I didn't get anything notable out of most of the packs which is a shock. No really, these things are usually loaded like Ebay guaranteed "Hot Packs". Well, maybe not. But I did pull this...

Okay, I know it's not Albert Pujols. Come to think of it, an Albert Pujols base card from this set is probably worth more than this 2005 Donruss Wilson Valdez auto. A sticker auto from a retail re-pack would normally bring cheers and accolades, but ah...not always. Any White Sox fans out there?? A couple things about this card. First of all, I initially thought he was a pitcher until I looked on This is the first card I was ever looking at that when I looked up the player on the Baseball Almanac site, the card pictured was the card I was posting. Really it is, go check. Also, where is the ball he is supposedly throwing? It looks like this is taken during a game, but some of the people in the crowd are looking backwards as if the Hot Dog Vendor just showed up. By the way, Valdez played with the White Sox in '04, Mariners and Padres in '05, the Dodgers in '07 and the Mets in '09. Apparently when he left the Sox in '04, he developed a phobia about playing in the Majors in even numbered years.
I don't know how many of the Rookie Stars you're supposed to get in a retail pack of 09 Heritage Hi Numbers (11 cards), but I got 6, including a chrome one.

The Koji Uehara is the Chrome version, #0946/1960. These are available for trade if you need any of them.

Here is the part where we discuss Texas packsearchers not going after Yankees. I took the top two packs from the feeder. All of the feeders, maybe 8 in all, were in their typical ravaged condition. I realize that a Packsearcher isn't going to be able to tell the Mark Teixeira mini above is a Polar Bear version. But I would think they would be able to find this...

This 2009 Topps 206 Robby Cano jersey was completely dissed by the doucheb....sorry, Packsearcher, who tore the box apart. I hate to tell him, but he missed this $2 relic!! Good for me...if I can trade it.

So there you have it. A couple of retail hits that I could have picked up much cheaper at Still, I enjoyed bustin' a little wax and pulling a couple of tradeable cards.


  1. There's a lot of bloggers who I am sure would be interested in the Cano.

    About the Valdez - I'm baffled. Here's why:

    1. The fans int he background look day-lit. Bright, washed out colors, glare, many wearing white like one would at a day game.

    2. The actual player picture...looks like a nighttime shot. I cannot prove it, but there's on one shadow under the brim of his cap. Also - where is he? A short stop would rarely ever be near a chalkline...with a glove on, let alone ready to throw to a base. Oh and...yeah...there's no ball. Baseball is played with one....right? I know Kenny Williams has some crazy ideas in Chicago but...

  2. I know I'd be interested in the Chrome Heritage card

  3. A Cano jersey that needs a new home? I'm on that.

  4. Ya know, almost any 'hit' can be found cheaper that the money you'll spend on packs trying to find it, but pack ripping is much more fun. It's not like any of us are really in this for the investment anyway, right??

  5. Robby Cano i'll take it off your hands!

  6. Nice pull! There are a lot of Cano fans out there...

  7. Hm. the picture actually looks like hes making some kinda frantic pointing movement to the plate. If you look to the right of his foot, you can see the base, so he's behind 3rd, almost where a 3B coach would be.. It's possible he was either A) filling in at 3B, or B) there was a runner on 2nd and/or 3rd, and there was a bloop hit in shallow LF that the 3B went out to catch, and he missed. Then Valdez had to cover third and was telling the third-baseman to throw home to get the runner? Or hes confused and dancing. I'm goin with the last one.

  8. Chris, I'll set the Chrome card aside for you.

    Wicked, it looks like Swag beat you to the Cano card by a few minutes. Sorry Brother!

    As for the Valdez, something about it doesn't look right, but I'm not sure what. You guys made some good points.

  9. Actually man, one of my close friends texted me just today and said he has a few Cano cards for me, including this same one! haha. So I think you can make a deal with wicked now :P

  10. Always a good day when you can score two retail hits in one trip. I did that a couple times I think, but didn't pull anyone near as good as Cano either time. Unless Michael Saunders turns out to be awesome. But yeah, good job man. :)