Thursday, January 21, 2010

More good stuff from First Day Issues

Bud over at First Day Issue recently gave me just about the nicest trade post write-up ever. He followed that up with a pretty nice package of cards as well. I love getting cards that I KNOW I need. Even better is getting cards I didn't know existed. Bud sent a few of those and I appreciate it a lot. Here is just a sampling of what he sent.

This isn't a card, but a neat little flip book. It's from 2002 and was made by Flipp. If you flip quickly through the pages, it shows Arod hitting. Turn it over and flip through to see Arod make a diving catch. This was quickly claimed by my son for his collection. He wants me shoot about a hundred pictures of him swinging a bat to make his own flip book.

This is a first for my blog....a football card. While I was on the subject of my son, I thought I'd show this 2008 Rookies and Stars Tony Romo jersey card. My son hasn't seen this yet, but he is going to flip over it.

Here we have a couple of 2009 Topps 206 minis. The Hamilton is a Polar Bear and the Pudge is an Old Mill. I don't even have the regular versions of these yet so these make a nice addition to the collection.

This is another first for my collection. A 1999 Just Josh Hamilton card. He sure looks different in that shot. I guess he has been through a lot since that photo was taken.

This 2000 Topps cards has a great pairing of two of my favorites, Ivan Rodriguez and Johnny Bench. The back of the card talks about their toughness. I think you have to be tough to be a catcher with all the foul tips and collisions, not to mention the constant squatting.

I was just going through some cards and found one of these 2000 Pacific Paramount Fielder's Choice cards of a Rockies player (I think). I didn't ever see this Pudge card and event though the little "webbing" section is a bit hokey, it's a nice card. It's a much better shot of Pudge than one you'll see in a minute.

The scanner really doesn't do this 2004 Topps World Series Highlights card justice. It's all shiny and refractory looking, and is really sharp. The back of this one talks about the catcher matchup in the 1976 World Series with Thurman Munson going up against Johnny Bench. Munson hit .529, but Bench won MVP honors hitting .533, with 2 homers and 6 rbis as the Reds swept the Yanks 4-0.

This is the terrible shot of Pudge I was talking about. The only 2004 UD Play Ball cards I have are from trades and this is another new one to me. This must be some sort of die-cut parallel as it's numbered #63/175. I'm glad to have to have it regardless of the fact that Pudge looks like he's half in the bag.

I think this is my favorite card of the bunch. Even though there is a lot of gray border on this 2005 Donruss Zenith Studio Portraits Carlton Fisk I like it. Classic pose, old-timey feel. There are a couple of spots on the border, small discolorations. I do like that it is numbered #1/50 on the back.

Bud, thanks once again for a great bunch of cards. I look forward to more trades in the future.


  1. well if your son doesn't flip over that Romo, I will....

  2. You know the best thing about joining the baseball card blogosphere? That cards I would normally have no use for find a place where they are welcomed with open arms. Glad you (and your son) liked the Romo and the Pudges. More to come in the future!

  3. Pudge and Bench doing their Minnesota impression or what?