Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Long overdue thanks

Way, way....way back on July 6th, Zack from Autographed Cards held a contest. He put a tightly cropped photo of 22 different autographs and said the first person who could identify them would win a cool prize. I learned that night that I love contests.

I had discovered this magical world some call the "blogosphere" (I know, I said I wouldn't use that word any more) only a week or so before Zack had his contest. I hadn't traded with anyone yet and this was the first contest I saw (I think!) Little did I know that it would be a 2+ hour journey throughout Zack's blog. What a great blog it is too! If you have any interest in autographs, it's a must read. The number of in-person and TTM autos, not to mention autos received via trades, that Zack has is astounding. I started searching out Rangers and other favorites and it was a great journey.

Well, I submitted my entry and when Zack let me know I was the winner of the contest I was really happy. Just a few days later I received my very first package from a blogger. It contained a smattering Rangers and this awesome prize:

Zack picked up this beauty at the 2009 College World Series. He was able to get a couple of cards and a couple of 8X10's signed and was kind enough to pass one on. I proudly display this in my office at home. To me, it's more than just a Hall of Fame auto. It represents my entry into the world of blogging and all the great people I've traded with and friends I've made along the way. I may never meet any one of you, but I still appreciate being a small piece of your lives just like you've become part of mine.

I told Zack in a comment that I would post it someday and I had to wait for a scanner to make a proper post. Thanks Zack for a great introduction to the world of baseball card blogging!


  1. Nice Fingers auto, and I too, love a good contest, as evidenced by my commenting for your latest go around. Though I'll be screwed if you pull this one again!!