Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rangers In the Ballpark

A while back I posted a request for anyone who wanted their favorite team's cards from a blaster of 2008 Upper Deck Documentary to leave a comment. This was just a way for me to get rid of the non-Rangers and I didn't want anything in return. Brian over at In the Ballpark sent over a little thank you package anyway. There were three cards in particular that were new to me.

This 1993 Upper Deck Juan Gonzalez is just interesting because I never saw Juan sign an autograph at a game in all the years I saw him play at the Ballpark in Arlington. I'm sure he signed at some point, but I went to around 100 games in the prime of Juan's playing days with Texas and just didn't see it. Juan did do that one thing for me though. I think the kid on the bottom right is wearing a Giants shirt and maybe even a Cincinatti cap.

I know these are out there, but I do believe this is my first 1993 Post Will Clark. I'm guessing by the expression on his face that he didn't connect this time.

I'm glad to add this 1993 UD Giant Sticks card to my Will Clark collection. Notice that it says Giant STICKS, with an ST.

Brian, thanks for the gesture and I hope you enjoyed the "Documentary".


  1. Who is the other di..., I mean, stick with Will and Barry?

  2. Juan Gonzalez was a great signer back in the day. I lived in Detroit and went to a ton of Tiger games in the 90s. I also went to a handful of games at the old Municipal Stadium in Cleveland. I went to a lot of Rangers games because that team was loaded with stars (at least at the time) back then (Sierra, Franco, Ryan, Palmeiro, Gonzalez, Palmer, etc). I probably got about 10 Nolan Ryan autographs and 10 Juan Gonzalez autographs. In fact, in 1993, someone told me what hotel the Rangers were staying at in Detroit and it might be easier to get autographs there than at the ballpark. When Juan walked into the hotel lobby he signed my picture then asked me where the mall was. I pointed out that it was about a quarter mile north. He walked out the door of the hotel and started walking. I followed him out and offered to drive him over, and he said "sure". He was great and posed for a picture in my car (my friends couldn't believe it). The next year I went back to the same hotel with that picture blown up to poster size. He personalized it for me - I still have it in a frame at home. At the time I was a high school kid, so you can imagine what a thrill it was to meet the AL HR king. Great guy, just suffered a lot of injuries and had a language barrier with the press.

  3. tb, that's a great story and I like hearing that he was a good signer for you.

  4. Yep, Clark is thinking, Why did I have to hit it straight at the 1st baseman!!