Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cards from across the pond

I recently received a package from Jack over at Pursuit of 80's. Just in case you haven't traded with Jack, he lives in England. That is by far the furthest I've ever mailed a trade package and it was worth the extra postage to get some Rangers back from Jack. He completed the 1980 Topps set not long ago and all I had to do was send some Red Sox for Rangers. Easy enough...and here is what Jack sent back.

A few days ago, Night Owl made his 800th post in which he crowned a champion of Cardboard Appreciation AND posted a Dodgers trainer card. Well, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so here is my trainer post. Ray Ramirez, star of this 1989 Pro Cards card, was the Rangers Assistant Trainer for 13 years before taking the job as the Mets Head Trainer in 2005. I love that the back of the card notes that Ray bats and throws right.

This 1992 Classic Best Robb Nen is a reminder of what could have been. Robb only pitched in 9 games with the Rangers in 1993 before he was trades to the Marlins for Cris Carpenter. No not Chris Carpenter, Cris Carpenter. Robb went on to have 314 saves in 9 seasons with the Marlins and Giants. Cris Carpenter went on to go 6-6 in 2 seasons with the Rangers. Trade Fail!

Here is a prime example of a highly touted prospect who never pans out. This 1999 Team Best Baseball America Ruben Mateo card touts Mateo as a premium prospect. He didn't quite turn out the way Baseball America or the Rangers expected and only played 3 years for Texas and 6 years overall. He appeared in 295 games over his career and hit 21 homers.
Jack included what looks like complete team sets from each of the above minor league sets. He also did that for 2004 Bazooka, 1990 Fleer, 1994 Triple Play and 1994 Topps.

Here is a 1994 "Coming Attractions" Jon Shave and Desi Wilson card. Talk about missing the boat. Wilson never played a game for Texas and Shave only made it into 60 games over two seasons and hit 0 homers and drove in 16. I'd say these "Coming Attractions" didn't get much play at the theater and went straight to laser disc. If you don't know what a laser disc is then you're too young.

Even on this 1994 Topps card, Nolan Ryan looks formidable. I still don't think I'd want to stand in the batter's box against him and he turns 63 at the end of this month. This is one of those cards with so many years of stats on the back there is no write up and the font is tiny.
Here we have a couple of throwback uniforms on 1994 Topps Rangers. Dean Palmer looks like he's having a good time and Kevin Brown just looks funny.

I really don't think that is Michael Young on this 2004 Bazooka card. Look close...

I still don't think that's Michael Young even thought they added a red border.

I think Jack sent all the Rangers from this 1990 Fleer Set as well. I like the All-Star cards from this set. Ruben Sierra passed thru Texas three different times for all or part of 10 seasons. His career numbers are: 1084 runs, 2152 hits, 306 homeruns, 1322 rbi's and a .268 average.

I just picked my favorite player from the team set of 1994 Donruss Triple Play,Will Clark. See how Will keeps his eyes on the ball during the follow through.

Last, but not least, is my first jersey card from the 2004 Bazooka set. Supposedly, this piece of Ranger blue jersey came from Alex Rodriguez's jersey. I think I may have enough blue swatches now that I can reconstruct an actual jersey.
Jack, thanks for some nice cards and I hope we can work another deal sometime soon!

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