Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year Contest Break Packs 4-6

Spastikmoos holds a very tenous lead with 3 points. With 10 packs to go, and Hall of Famers worth 5 points, I wouldn't start celebrating yet, but you never know. Well, you don't, but I've just busted three more packs and I DO know. Would you like to know too? Good, let's get to it.

Tonights contestants are:

Pack 4--1992 O-Pee-Chee 8 cards--fan of reds
Pack 5--1988 Topps 15 cards--Baseball Dad
Pack 6--1986 Fleer Baseball Star Stickers 5 cards +logo sticker--AdamE

Pack 4 fan of reds--1992 O-Pee-Chee (Reds)
#120 Sammy Sosa--Cubs
#41 Darrin Fletcher--Expos
#68 Bill Landrum--Expos
#10 Melido Perez--Yankees
#176 Marquis Grissom--Expos
#78 Brian Hunter--Braves
#196 Darryl Kile--Astros
#42 Howard Johnson--Mets

That was craptastic. Unfortunately, Chris didn't pick the Expos. He would have scored 9 points that way. As it stands, Chris struck out swinging and has 0 points. Sorry Chris.

Pack 5 Baseball Dad--1988 Topps (Indians)

#750 Bo Jackson--Royals
#418 Joel Youngblodd--Giants
#724 Danny Tartabull--Royals
#259 Ron Kittle--Yankees
#452 Willie Wilson--Royals
#560 Tim Wallach--Expos
#76 Dennis Martinez--Expos
#253 Checklist
#63 Jimmy Jones--Padres
#412 Randy Myers--Mets
#377 Sam Horn--Red Sox
#608 Charlie Kerfied--Astros
#415 Don Carman--Phillies
#436 Mike Bielecki--Pirates
#400 Ozzie Smith All-Star--Cardinals +5 HOF

This was a Royals heavy pack. Finally, someone hits a Hall of Fame player. This puts Baseball Dad in the lead with 5 points after 5 packs. Can he hold on through round 2. Let's see.

Pack 6 AdamE--1986 Fleer Star Stickers (Red Sox)

#125 Gary Ward--Rangers +1

#59 Teddy Higuera--Brewers
#36 Darrell Evans--Tigers

#5/22 Baltimore Sticker--Orioles

#117 Bruce Sutter--Braves +5 HOF

This pack only had 5 cards plus the sticker, but still pulls out the highest score so far with 6 points. Our second Hall of Famer, Bruce Sutter makes a fan happy with a signed ball and makes AdamE from Thoughts and Sox happy with the lead in the pack break. I wonder if Gary's mutton chops make Beardy happy. Stay tuned for tomorrow's break of packs 7-9.


  1. I struck out on my Sweet Spot tin, I struck out on that stinker of a pack... It's been a rough day!

  2. noooooo! But damn...those smaller packs are kicking butt right now!

  3. Only 5 cards in a pack... I always thought that Chrome was the inventor of small amounts of cards in packs.

  4. if Baseball Dad had picked the Phillies he'd be ahead right now!