Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Troll Delivers

A couple of days ago I got a package from the one and only Collective Troll. It had something I've never received in a package before. I'll save that for the end of the post however. I don't know if the Troll has any teams left in his big pack break, but you should go over and check just in case.

I'm not posting them, but I want to thank Marck for sending the 2009 Topps cards for my son's collection. Slowly, but surely, we're wrapping that one up. I'm also not posting it, but he sent what must be the entire Rangers set from 1987 Topps! Here is part of the other stuff Marck sent over.

I only bought a few packs of 2009 Heritage High Numbers and I needed this Omar Vizquel. You'll be seeing this card again in an upcoming post.

I would love to have real autos from all the guys on this 1974 Topps Rangers Checklist. Especially Fergie Jenkins and David Clyde.

I claimed this off one of the Troll's trade bait posts. My son likes these USA relic cards and I've picked up 5 or 6 in trades. I know it's only Sean Burroughs, but the beauty of being a young collector is he's not jaded like us old fogies.

Did you know Ivan Rodriguez was a "Receptor"? It says so right on the front of this card. Back when this 2000 Pacific Invicible Pudge jersey card (#118/675) came out, a card serial numbered to 675 would seem like a low print run.

I think this may be the very first ever Troll original. Maybe a 2010 Retro set? Actually, it's a sweet 4x6 photo of my favorite all-time player, Will Clark. I'm not sure if Will is the main subject of the photo or it's the Budweiser sign in the back. I'm guessing Marck took this when the Rangers used to have Spring Training in Florida. Thanks for the photo Marck!

Last, but not least, is something that appeals to the lazy collector in me. Marck sent this...

A Pre-Loaded Page! This page came loaded with 7 cards. Three Pudge cards, a Will Clark, a Johnny Bench, a great Play at the Plate which you will see again at some point. My favorite card is the 1974 Topps Billy Martin w/coaches card. That is one I know I didn't have. According to the back of this card, Martin lived in Richfield, Minnesota which is only 23 miles from where I was born. That is what you call TMI.

The kind-hearted, no-sleep getting, pack busting Troll was also kind enough to send along some other much needed stuff that wasn't made of cardboard. Thanks for that and the cards too Marck!


  1. I don't think I was trying to take a picture of the Bud sign, but by the looks of it, I had had way too many! Glad ya got them, another package is en route to Texas!

  2. If your son is interested in Team USA relics, I have a couple...

  3. Omega...let me know what you're lookin' for in return.

  4. That page is a good idea. I might have to do that with a card package.