Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A few cards courtesy of the blog no one is reading

Jeremy from No One's Going to Read This Blog is a big Oklahoma Sooners fan. My son is a big Texas Longhorns fan. As a result of these polar opposite personalities, Jeremy and I have pulled off a few trades. I send him a few cards he needs, including cards of Sooners in college colors, and he sends my son Longhorns and Cowboys. This time, like every other time, Jeremy sends me some goodies too. He knows I'm collecting the 2009 A&G Minis...I know, it's crazy. He sent these:

I'm going to work on a wantlist for this sometime...really.

A Diamond King for Frank Tanana? Really? Well, that was my first impression when I saw this 1985 Donruss DK card, which I don't ever recall seeing before. But, after looking up some stats, I see that Frank performed rather nicely for the Rangers of 1984. He went 15-15 with a 3.75 ERA. He had 9 complete games and 141 strikouts in 35 starts. Those aren't bad numbers for a team that went 69-92.

I don't know for sure what year these Fleer Stickers are from, but I've seen them before. I think matching the Rangers and Giants on the card works for me on two levels. First, Will Clark, my favorite player, started with the Giants and then came to play for the Rangers. Second, the very first Interleague game, which I was lucky enough to attend, was between the Rangers and Giants on June 12, 1997. It wasn't the only Interleague game scheduled that day, but the other three were on the west coast and this matchup started a few hours earlier. What I don't understand is this:

This is the back of the sticker. Why on earth must the card companies force the Yankees on us. I'm sure this would have been a perfectly fine back to the Yankees/Mets sticker, or whatever team they matched the Yankees with that year. Why couldn't it have the Giants or Rangers ballparks? Huh? WHY?

Thanks Jeremy, I'll have another package for you in the coming days.


  1. first i see you changed your headliner... is that the card i sent you?? 2nd is the tim hudson mini blackboarder up for trade??

  2. I don't know why they put a Yankee Stadium photo on the back of those stickers. They should've used a Ranger or Giant stadium like you mentioned.I'm glad you liked the minis. You should get a want list up soon. I have more headed my way and some are duplicates.