Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Contest Update

We had all 13 spots filled 99 minutes after my original post hit. Sincere apologies to Wicked O' and Roy Z for missing out. I'll be having another contest before too long!

Before we see the packs, I want to clarify the rules. The team you claimed in your comment is the team for which you will get points. You only get points for the cards in the ONE pack you are assigned, which has already been done using

You'll get 1 point for each Ranger in your pack, 3 points for each card from your favorite team, including combo cards or stickers and 5 points for any card of a Hall of Famer. Not a might be, or should be, or will be Hall of Famer. Someone who is actually in the Baseball Hall of Fame. If some othe unexpected something or other is in a pack I'll make a ruling at that time.

Here is a picture of the packs we will be opening.

I don't know if you can read the post-its, but they are numbered 1-13 (done randomly) from left to right top to bottom. As I said, I randomed your names and here is the order and which pack we'll be opening for each person.

Pack 1--1990 Topps 16 cards--Beardy

Pack 2--1990 Score 16 cards + magic motion trivia card--MattR

Pack 3--2006 Upper Deck First Pitch 5 cards--spastikmoos

Pack 4--1992 O-Pee-Chee 8 cards--fan of reds

Pack 5--1988 Topps 15 cards--Baseball Dad

Pack 6--Fleer Baseball Star Stickers (year??) 5 cards +logo sticker--AdamE

Pack 7--1989 Topps 15 cards--Thorzul

Pack 8--1992 Donruss 15 cards--tastelikedirt

Pack 9--1989 Fleer 15 cards--Jeremy

Pack10--1991 Upper Deck--Mr. Scott

Pack 11--1988 Donruss 15 cards--Joe S.

Pack 12--1990 Fleer 15 cards--DKWilson

Pack 13--1987 Topps 17 cards--Night Owl

I'll start posting the packs early Monday, doing three or four each day until we're done. Hopefully this will be fun and competetive. Thanks for participating.


  1. haha ouch, my pack has so few cards. I like being the underdog though.

  2. Blast! Will be looking forward to the results though.

  3. wow, that looks like a lot of fun... Wish I saw it sooner...

  4. Should be a lot of fun! That's what this is supposed to be all about.

  5. 87 Topps had 17 cards!! Too cool, 17s my lucky number!!