Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Contest Pack Break 1-3

Let's get started on this junk wax blaster pack break contest. I posted the order and the packs on Saturday and here are the first three on the block.

Pack 1--1990 Topps 16 cards--Beardy
Pack 2--1990 Score 16 cards + magic motion trivia card--MattR
Pack 3--2006 Upper Deck First Pitch 5 cards--spastikmoos

Best of luck to everyone!

Pack 1 Beardy--1990 Topps (Orioles)
#428 Steve Davis-Indians
#299 Adam Peterson-White Sox
#477 Willie Fraser-Angels
#752 Tom Gordon-Royals
#606 Storm Davis-Athletics
#586 Ed Nunez-Tigers
#306 Tom Niedenfuer-Mariners
#151 Rick Mahler-Reds
#559 Andy McGaffigan-Expos
#578 Joe Magrane-Cardinals
#612 Dave Gallagher-White Sox
# 532 Cecilio Guante-Rangers---+1
#71 Allan Anderson-Twins
#566 Mark Knudson-Brewers
#548 Pat Clements-Padres
#244 Bill Schroeder-Angels

Beardy came out with only 1 point for the lone Ranger.....yea, I went there. No Hall of Famers or Orioles. The only interesting thing about this pack was that aside from Gallagher(OF) and Bill Schroeder (C) the other players are all pitchers.

Card of the Pack--Tom Gordon, complete with the little Gold Topps Rookie Trophy

Pack 2 MattR--1990 Score (Giants)

#163 Damon Berryhill-Cubs
#352 Shawn Abner-Padres
#357 Dave LaPoint-Yankees
#169 Shawon Dunston-Cubs
#166 Fred Manrique-Rangers--+1
#354 Greg Walker-White Sox
#63 Gregg Olson-Orioles
Magic Motion #23 Mickey Mantle-Yankees
#77 Nelson Liriano-Blue Jays
#697 Bo-Royals
#57 Frank Tanana-Tigers
#239 Bob Milacki-Orioles
#259 Mark Davis-Padres
#241 Otis Nixon-Expos
#650 Dave Justice-Braves
#655 Terry Jorgensen-Twins
#560 Ken Griffey Jr.-Mariners-nice, but no points! Sorry...

MattR picks up 1 point for his Ranger. Despite having a couple of other nice cards in this pack, it still only scores one point.

The cards of the pack were the Bo Jackson and Ken Griffey Jr. Dave Justice was married to Halle Berry....hmmmm. If you haven't seen the back of the Bo Jackson it looks like this...

Not many stats, but at least you know who the card belongs to.

Pack 3 spastikmoos--2006 Upper Deck First Pitch (Red Sox)

#213 Jason Bergmann
#44 Tadahito Iguchi
HS 13 Hot Stove Headlines Manny Ramirez--+3
#65 Todd Helton
#130 Jason Giambi

This pack only had 5 cards, so let's show them.

spastikmoos makes a fortunate Red Sox pull to get 3 points and take the lead after 3 packs.

I'll post the standings off to the side of the blog. I know what you're wondering. No, not why did I enter this contest? Rather, why didn't he scan the cards? All he could talk about was that new scanner. Well, I opened it, I marveled at it and then I hooked it up didn't work. Talk about anti-climactic. Unlike a great number of our former beloved cardboard heroes, my scanner had no juice. Some kind of power supply issue I suppose. I'll be exchanging it later today or Tuesday. Just another hiccup in the life of a collector.


  1. I remember when the Bo card was selling for as much as $10. I bet somewhere there are guys with 800 ct. boxes full of that card.

  2. End the contest now! haha kidding - I'm psyched to be winning though!