Monday, January 25, 2010

Cry Baby

I forgot my flash drive at home. It has all my scanned cards on it. I can't post my latest trade package...or anything else I wanted to post tonight. I'm just a bit upset about that.

I still can't find any 2010 Topps packs at any local stores. Big D over at Hey, That's Mine posted the address of a Target that has packs in Dallas, but that store is WAY out of my way.

I'm having trouble coming up with the goods for several trade offers.

This week is NOT starting out the way I planned. But, you know what? I'll get the flash drive tomorrow. It won't be long before I'm SICK of 2010 Topps and have a stack of dupes 2 feet tall. And I'll find stuff for those trade packages...or I won't and it won't kill me at this point if I miss out on a deal or two. Not to mention....