Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cards from Howard

I read a comment Howard left on another blog about having some 2009 Heritage to trade. I contacted him, sent off some Cubs cards and Howard sent along a short stack of Heritage cards and a healthy stack of Rangers.

This 1988 Fleer Cecil Espy wasn't one of the cards on my top 10 most wanted list. But I did laugh when I saw it. Do you think players ever see a card come out and wish the manufacturer had chosen a different picture? I'll bet Cecil did when he saw this card.

This Michael Young card looks like it was designed by a 10 year old. But, I like it. Unfortunately, I left it on the scanner and I can't tell you what year/brand it's from other than it's a Topps card.

Here is a card I've been wanting to add to the team collection since I first saw it. Sure, it's not a Ranger player, but it's a former Ranger with a Ranger logo, so why not? I don't like that his name looks like "ARA GNAE". The lettering is a pain to read on some of these.

Here is some good ol' shiny goodness. This is one of two 2009 Heritage Chrome cards Howard sent over. Julio Borbon is slated to be the Rangers centerfielder in 2010. Hopefully, he can get the throws back to the infield and have a decent on-base percentage because he can fly on the basepaths.

This Nelson Cruz is the second Heritage Chrome of the batch. I really like these, but I've never pulled a Ranger. I think I've pulled two or three Homer Bush Chrome cards.
There were quite a few other cards in the package and I really want to thank Howard for making the trade. Hopefully we can do another deal someday!


  1. Why does Topps hate Gonzalez so much?

  2. That Young card was from a set Topps did for Wal-Mart. It is based on a 1911 card design. I am putting together some more Rangers cards for you. Let me know if there is anything else you collect.