Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Outgoing Mail

I've fallen seriously behind in getting my packages out. With a sick wife and one sick kid, the post office has dropped in priority behind the doctor, the pharmacy and walking the dog. I should get packages out today to the following patient (I hope) people.

No One is Going to Read this Blog

BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffett


Long Fly Ball to Because

Thoughts and Sox

Drinking the Orange Kool-Aid

Hey, That's Mine

The Collective Troll


Chris Thomas

I also need to round up some goodies for Wicked Ortega who sent me a very nice package which you'll see tomorrow.

Then there's John and ebman who are offering cards.

Not to mention Texas Rangers Cards who wanted to initiate a Rangers trade back in NOVEMBER!!! I'm trying to organize the collection so I can really hit his wantlist.

Fun times...fun times.


  1. Take your time, I will be here. I understand how time consuming it is to take care of a sick family.