Friday, February 19, 2010

Trollific Cards from the 100 Year Break

The Collective Troll recently had a old school pack break in which he busted about 12,984 packs over the course of forever. He posted every pack, nearly every card and had great write-ups about the players. After all that he's doing it again. Along with having a number of different blogs going. And Spring Training right next door (yea, I'm jealous!). I had a couple of teams in the break, but for the sake of you, the kind reader, I'll just post a few of the Rangers. And if Thorzul hadn't officially called a halt to all bippings, I have enough of some of these cards to Bip someone good.

Here are four 1997 Pinnacle X Press cards of three of my favorite Rangers. Rusty Greer and Will Clark played hard all the time, the way all fans want to see their players play. Ivan Rodriguez is going to be a first ballot Hall of Famer....if the voters have a brain in their heads.

I have always been a fan of Will Clark. Ever since he homered in his first major league at bat off Nolan Ryan. I love the way he played with maximum effort all the time. His intensity, which rubbed some people wrong, was great. BUT, that is NOT a good look. This 1994 Pinnacle card shows Will with some serious grooming issues. At least that's what my wife said.

Troll threw in a little something extra which I really appreciate. This is a 2006 Flair Showcase Hank Blalock Showcase Stitches. I hope Hank can catch on with some team before long.
Marck, thanks for hosting such an incredibly difficult break. I look forward to the next one!


  1. I think it was closer to like 199,590,093,402 packs, but who is counting?

  2. lol.... Hey did you get my package??

  3. "...if the voters have a brain in their head."

    Umm, well, you see...they don't. Peter Gammons does. And that's it.

  4. Not yet Al. Probably Monday when I get back.

  5. Clark's kinda creepy the way he's holding that bat!