Sunday, February 21, 2010

GSNHOF knows the name of my blog

I got a package from Tim of Great Sports Name Hall of Fame (GSNHOF) fame. He sent along a few Rangers that will find a good home. Some of those will be featured here. He also sent a LOAD of plays at the plate. Many of those will be featured in the Play at the Plate series that is currently running on Sundays around these parts. For now, you'll have to be live with these Rangers. The Rangers have always been enamored of the power hitter....small ball isn't normally in their game plan. So what is up with these guys?

Tom Goodwin bunting on this 1999 Fleer Tradition card? That might be a good use of speed.
He did have 38 steals in 1998 for Texas.

More bunting on this 1999 Topps card my Mark McLemore. Mark had 12 steals in 1998.

Now this is more like it! Rangers fans are used to this...Goin' Yard. This 1997 Score Dean Palmer celebrates Palmer's 38 long balls in 1996.

Scott Fletcher never hit many homeruns, but I still like this 1987 Sportflics card. I had a complete set of these in a previous life.

"Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!" If only Raffy would have known.....this 1994 Score card was very prophetic. Raffy is still trying to get up.

That's more like it. My all-time favorite, Will "The Thrill" Clark on a 1995 Score Hitter's Inc. card. I should have scanned the back. Will has a nice bubble going. Does anybody collect cards that show players blowing bubbles with gum?

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