Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday Trollific NFL Package

I put up a trade post yesterday showing ONE card that Marck from The Collective Troll sent in a package. Today, quite appropriately enough, I'm going to show you the other really nice non-Ranger cards he sent over. Well, mostly non-Rangers.

In a break from typical Play at the Plate posting, I'm showing some fine Dallas Cowboys cards from the package.

We'll start with a little taste of cards from 1980 thru 1984. All HOF'er cards with Tony Dorsett and a Randy White. The 1983 Topps record breaker card highlights Dorsett's NFL record 99 yard run from scrimmage against the Minnesota Vikings on January 3, 1983.

Here is a nice 1978 Topps Harvey Martin card. Martin even looks a little fierce on this card.

Harvey worked for a "soft drink firm" during the off-season. Do you think DeMarcus Ware works for Pepsi or Coke. Maybe doing commercials...but not because he NEEDS a check.

That is a sweet 'fro Drew Pearson is sporting on this 1977 Topps card.

Drew made the NFC Pro-Bowl Squad for his "outstanding season in 1976." That shows you how much things have changed in the last 30 years. In today's pass happy NFL, 58 catches would be considered a fair season, but not really Pro-Bowl material.

From great 'fro to male pattern baldness, here we have a 1976 Cliff Harris card. I grew up watching all these guys play for the Cowboys, but Cliff Harris was one of my favorites.

I need the rest of the Cowboys from this set to I can answer the question. I need more clues!!

All of these cards are new to me. I once had some of the early '80s cards, but had long since "lost" them. This next card is really amazing and is without a doubt a first for my collection.

Once again the scanner has cut off part of the left and bottom of this card. It is a little off center to the left, but isn't bad at all. This is an awesome 1967 Philadelphia Mel Renfro card. I don't even know what to say about it except THANK YOU MARCK!!! Mel went into the Hall of Fame in 1996.

This is definitely the highlight of my limited football collection. It will be displayed in it's own place on the bookshelf in my office.

I love these cards, but this is a baseball card blog for the most part so I'll end with one more baseball card that Marck sent.

This is the perfect card for me. This 1975 Topps RBI Leaders card has one player for the team collection and one for the personal collection. I had no idea Jeff Burroughs and Johnny Bench were the rbi leaders in 1974. Of course I was only 4 when they achieved this feat so you'll have to forgive me.

Another card falls prey to the scanner. I think the cut-off only happens when I scan several cards at once. It's no surprise that three A's and three Dodgers made the list. Those two teams met in the 1974 World Series where the A's won their 3rd title in a row. Sorry Night Owl.

I have to say this package went above and beyond and I want to really thank Marck for every one of these cards.


  1. Glad ya liked em!!! I dont deal in football too often, but I have been trying to clean up a bit... Those were all childhood cards. Back then if I had money and there were cards around, I bought them regardless of the sport. I grew up in Connecticut, but somehow the Cowboys were the most popular team in the area. Americas Team and all...
    I thought the Bench/Burroughs card would be perfect for you.
    You and Wicked split my old football card collection. Big D took my basketball and I think he got a couple of football cards in the deal, too. All I have left is a smattering of Raiders. Let me know if ya know any Raiders fans. Happy Superbowl Sunday! Glad you liked the cards, thanks for the great write up!

  2. So does this mean I can send you all my Cowboys junk?

  3. You can send me Cowboys stuff...but it all goes straight to the kid. I'm sure he won't mind me trading some of my stuff to get cards for him.

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