Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Three from Joe Collector's Break

I was fortunate enough to get the Rangers in I am Joe Collector's 2nd Box Break for February. I got an assortment of Heritage Rangers and some base cards from 2009 Unique. I didn't get any "hits", but I got these parallels that make a nice addition to the Rangers binder.

Hank Blalock #908/1199

Nelson Cruz #175/1199

Derek Holland #595/1199
I like the idea of participating in the box breaks for a shot at a product I wouldn't buy myself.
The March breaks include:
2 boxes 2009 Ultimate baseball
1 boxes 2010 Topps Jumbo Series 1
1 boxes 2007 Exquisite
I can't wait for "Joe" to pull one of those Rangers Hat Logos for me.


  1. I also like the box breaks Jeff is doing over at Joe Collector. I have a breakdown of what I scored in the same break over on my blog. I am also in the next baseball break but am hoping for the Mets hat patch from the Topps box. The rest of the products are stuff I don't buy either so I am really looking forward to them.

  2. Love breaks, though I definitely feel like I'm getting screwed for the most part this year!!