Tuesday, February 9, 2010

California Dreamin' courtesy of Omega Cardboard

Ok, I'll admit that's a pretty lame post title. The cards I got from Matt, aka Angelsfan, of Omega Cardboard are anything but lame. Matt said he had a little personal collection of Ian Kinslers and was willing to trade it for Angels stuff. Let me think about it....done! I only scanned four of the cards he sent, but I think you'll see they were well worth the effort.

It's not often I start out a trade post with a jersey card. It only gets better from here and that's saying something because this 2009 Topps Career Best Jersey is pretty sweet.

How about a 2009 UD Spectrum Swatches Ian Kinsler #79/99. That picture could be from 2010 Upper Deck...most of them show at least that much logo anyway. *Sigh* I won't go there, this is supposed to be positive!

I'm so glad to have this 2006 Topps Chrome Ian Kinsler auto that I'm not going to say anything about the shiny sticker. This is too much. But it's not the end.

How about this beauty? This 2008 UD Ballpark Collection Ian Kinsler Jersey/Auto is the icing on the cake of one great trade. This is my first jersey/auto for anyone and I really appreciate it Matt. I hope we can do another deal sometime!


  1. Nice cards!!! Make sure you check out my next post!!

  2. loving the blue swatch. Nice to see something other than plain old .grey