Thursday, February 25, 2010

Topps Million Card Jackpot...Sort Of

I know the other day I posted what I said was my "Last" Million Card Giveaway post. Of course, if you noticed, that post had an asterisk by it and I gave myself an out. Yesterday at about 6:40 PM, I checked my email and saw this....

Read your comments this weekend on the blogs about the 60=70 run. right now they're running 1950's...posted a comment on your blog, but wanted to email you since you were so kinnd to alert everyone this weekend...cheers!

Well, it just so happens I had ONE and only one code card left for redeeming. When I looked at the site and saw the whole screen of recently unlocked cards was from the '50s. I literally ran and got my code. I logged in and by that time it was mixed '50s and '70s cards. I took a chance and redeemed my card and this is what turned up:

That my friend is a 1952 Topps Bruce Edwards card. That is also my FIRST and only 1952 Topps card. Just in case you were wondering, I will be redeeming this one, along with most of the other vintage cards I've unlocked. I can't wait to hold this beauty in my hands.

If you don't know who Bruce Edwards is, here is just a little info.

He played 10 years, 5+ with the Dodgers, 2+ with the Cubs, 1 with the Senators and 1 (7 games) with the Cincinnati Redlegs. He had a total of 429 hits, 39 homeruns and 241 rbis. His career average is 256. He was a catcher on the 1947 NL All-Star team. He was the starting catcher for the Dodgers in the 1947 World Series and was Roy Campanella's backup for the Dodgers in the 1949 World Series. Unfortunately, he didn't win a ring as the Yankees won both those Series.

I have to give a big thanks to Keith for the email. I don't know if Keith has a blog or that we've ever emailed before. I do know that I appreciate him taking the time to email me about the '50s cards. You really made my day. I don't believe in Karma, but if I did, I'd say I've been paid back for the thanks I got for letting people know about the '60s and '70s run last weekend.


  1. Hi I'm Keith...That card is awesome. Glad you got in for it! I just started my blog, so its a work in progress. I've been recently checking out all the blogs around here and it really has spurred my love of cards again...maybe a little too much but that's what a tax refund check is for, right? I'm trying to build up some inventory so I can start attempting to trade with you guys, but I just got back into the hobby and haven't really figured out which way to take my collection. I have boxes of boxes of late 80's, early '90's in my parents attic but most of that is garbage now. Anyways, I enjoy your blog and am glad you pulled a nice card. I'll be around and hopefully will get some posts up soon.

  2. Nice! I love that set, and most likely never own a card from it. Grats man

  3. Awesome!!! That is the first '52 I have seen unlocked, nice job!

  4. Awesome job Keith. I really admire the "community" we seem to have here in the sports card collecting hobby.

    Grats to you on the '52! I am hoping to hit one of those one of these days :D

  5. Nice card! We've yet to redeem any of our codes. We got the cards you sent, by the way. Thanks, we've only got a few base left for the 2010 set. At least until series 2, that is. Oh, and thanks for the bonus Elway!