Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A new infatuation

I've never been a big John Smoltz fan. I respect the guy. He's done amazing things, going from starter, to closer, back to starter. Just look at the numbers.

1996--24-8 record

2002--55 saves

2002-2004--144 saves

In his 21 seasons, he has 213 wins, 154 saves, a 3.33 ERA and 3,084 K's.

He has one Cy Young Award (1996), 8 World Series starts(2-2, 2.47 ERA) in 5 World Series (1991,1992,1995,1996 and 1999).

The guy is good. He's a winner. He's been on 5 NL Pennant Winners. He's got a World Series ring.

Still, I'm not a Smoltz guy. But I did find a new card to love yesterday and it just happens to have John Smoltz on it.

I pulled this in a random pack of 2009 Heritage High Numbers. It's a Black Chrome Refractor. WOW! This is one beautiful card. I love shiny and this thing is super shiny and refractory and probably some other made up words as well. The scan does not do this card justice, which is probably why I may have seen these on other blogs, but never noticed them. By the way, these are 1:102 packs in the retail, 6 Heritage, 2 UH card packs.

It's numbered 21/60 on the back. It's my first and only Black Chrome Refractor from this set. But it won't be the last.

I know it's never going to happen, but I want more of these. I can't afford it, I'm sure. I may never get more than a few, but that's ok. A guy's got to have a goal right? I'll probably get over it in a few weeks, but who knows?


  1. black refractors are AWESOME!!! Good luck finding one for less than 25 bucks anywhere though... I managed 6 of them in 2008. I pulled one this year and it is long gone. You can generally trade one black refractor for 6-8 SPs. Nice pull!

  2. I've never pulled a black refractor, and I've bought a lot of Heritage (especially '08).

  3. I got a black refractor of Elvis Andrus in my first and only blaster. I feel pretty awesome about that

  4. I love those cards. I've got one of Ben Zobrist from last year and it's easily my favorite card of him. Congrats on the sweet pull!

  5. I love new infatuations, especially when it involves shiny stuff!