Wednesday, April 25, 2012

0 to 60 in 3 seconds

I missed the Heritage boat in 2007 and 2008. I bought some in 2009 after I got back into collecting, but I always regretted missing on those earlier years.

The Troll hooked me up in a big way. My Heritage collection went from very few, to almost too many!

Marck sent me 338 2007 Heritage cards. This isn't exactly the best design in the world, but when you're putting out Heritage sets every year, you can't skip one because it was a dud.

This is another 2007 card and I have to say it's a little creepy. That is way too closely cropped for me.

The 2008 Heritage design is better. Marck sent me 402 of these.

2009 Heritage isn't awful, but mixing the color and black and white images doens't seem to be too popular. Marck sent me 21 of these.

The package also had 1 2004, 1 2006  and 1 2010 Heritage cards.  Those must have slipped in by accident. 

All total, that's 764 Heritage cards. No wonder that box cost so much to ship!

That just leaves the vintage to wrap up the great package Marck sent.

Thanks for all the great cards Troll.

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  1. Still trying to complete 2008 Heritage. One day I'll make it a priority.

    The # of cards Troll sent you is crazy!