Thursday, April 5, 2012

Breakin' Up is Hard To Do

A while back, I gave you the opportunity to ask me some questions. I promised to answer them all, but that kind of fell on the back burner. Well, I still plan on answering those questions, so here's one more. Actually, you get a two-fer. One card will answer two questions.

Fuji asked, "What's your favorite card (in your collection) that doesn't feature a play at the plate?"

Cardanathema wrote "Pick one card from your collection that you wouldn't part with for any amount of money. What card is it and why?"

To both of you, I say this card.

This card is a Big D Custom, created for me by Derek over at Hey, That's Mine! It's by far my favorite card. It features my favorite player and it's a 1/1. I wouldn't "break up" with this card for anything.

Derek doesn't post too much anymore, but if you haven't seen him, go check out his blog and click on his Big D Customs link on the right. You'll be amazed at what he can do. I keep hoping he'll post that he's got a job at Topps or Panini designing cards. Either company would be better off with him on the payroll.

Speaking of breaks, I got my cards from Kyle over at Just a Bit Outside. It was his 5th group break and included 4 boxes. I was pretty lucky again and out of 14 hits, the Rangers managed to get two.

Ok, this isn't a hit, but it's kind of fun. A 2003 Bazooka Joe Rangers silver parallel. That's not a sentence you'll type every day.

Kyle's break rule states that a card with multiple players goes to the team whose player is on the top left. That meant this 2003 Bazooka sticker was mine. That's the only thing Chan Ho Park ever did around here that was good. Since this card features three other Asian pitchers, I'm hoping to pull a Yu Darvish sticker. I'm going to stick it right in the middle of this one.

Here is the first of my two hits. It's a 2003 Flair Juan Gonzalez Power Tools bat.
I didn't realize until I scanned it, but it's #121/500 on the back. That's just about as busy a design as I've seen in a while.

My other hit was one I really like. The Bazooka Blast bat relics are funky and fun. Rafael Palmeiro should be a legendary Ranger, but like too many of the power hitters of his era, a PED cloud hangs over his head. It's a shame really. The players did it to themselves, but they don't realize that they didn't just throw away their own glory, they did it to the fans who want to enjoy them too.

Kyle, thank's for another great break! I'm looking forward to the next one.


  1. Cool hits from the break. I think the design of the Juan Gone would be less busy if the frame was taken off all together

  2. You know they make refractor versions of those Bazooka hits too that are really shiny and low numbered. I opened a ton of this stuff back in the mid 2000's. I loved that it was cheap and it had hits. Oh and stickers and mini's too. How can you not love that?!

  3. Thomas is looking good!!! What an AWESOME card!!! Big D rules!!!!

  4. Thanks for the shout out, Brian. I'm glad my card has a special place in your collection. I had wondered if anybody noticed my posting less. Not exactly sure why I've slowed so much, part lack of time and part interest, I guess. Don't worry though I'm still quite a lurker.