Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm sick of this guy already

I don't know about you, but I don't even want to see his face anymore.

That's going to become a big problem for me as the collecting season goes on because Topps won't be able to over saturate the market enough. 

Oh boy. 


  1. Now imagine that he debuted against your favorite team, and you tune into ESPN to see the highlights of your favorite team's sweep of his team and the only highlight they show is him (*gasp*) catching a ball.

    None of this surprises me. But ESPN is literally a cartoon of its former self.

  2. Come on, that's not a good attitude at all. You should be counting down the days until Topps Update inserts reprints of his five Series II cards, including the "Merry Bryce-mas" version.

  3. Maybe he'll blow out a knee acting like a jackass and we can get back to the important stuff on ESPN - 24/7 Yankees coverage.


  4. I can't stand him either, I mean he is pretty outstanding, but not all the hype. Don't worry fellas, every club scout has got him in their sights and within a month or two he will be nothing special. I don't like him because he is stealing Zach Cozart's thunder as possible ROY, which Cozart is a legit ball player, while Harper is a, as Tracey Jones would say, a J.O. Did you see his "nice grab" in the field? more like, how hard I can slam my face into the wall and make a standard jumping catch look impossible, and his double? let me knock my helmet off! because it doesn't look as cool as a mohawk! Harper is hack....

  5. I'm not sick of his face, I'm sick of his hair. Cut it like a normal person, or at least a non-D.B. and I'm cool.

  6. Yeah, the haircut is one that Ricky Bobby would give to his kids.