Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Running on Empty

The storms that rolled through North Texas a mere 24 hours ago took a toll on my town. We had a tornado just 5 miles from my house and major damage to a number of homes and businesses. Thankfully, as of the moment I'm typing, there have been no fatalities. The storm, plus the illness rolling through my house, have left me with a combined 6 hours of sleep in the last two days.

It's times like these that I really enjoy the distraction that cards can provide. Thankfully, I received a package from Dan over at It's Like Having My Own Card Shop to provide just such a distraction.

Dan sent over a stack of Rangers and boy was it loaded.

We'll start of somewhat calmly with a 2012 Topps Michael Young Gold Parallel. I may have this already, but I don't even know because I can't keep up with the team collection. It's crazy!

How about a little on-card auto action? This is a 2000 Topps Gallery Ruben Mateo auto. Despite what it says on the back about scouts predicting an all-star future for Ruben, it never happened. He played in 295 games over 6 years and never reached his potential.

Take a good look at this 2002 Upper Deck People's Choice Juan Gonzalez jersey card. It's a white swatch. Remember that, because you might be seeing it again.

Next up is the first of two Pudge game used cards. This is a 2001 SP Game Used Edition jersey card. I'd like a wristband card using that red wrist band he's wearing.

I'll finish up this post with a 2001 SP Game Bat Milestone Edition Ivan Rodriguez bat card. You could also call it a Piece of the Action bat card. Or even a Bound for the Hall bat card. I think UD got a little word happy with this one. I do like the baseball and the #7 burned into the bat piece. That's a nice touch.

If you guys or gals have any Diamondbacks laying around, give Dan a shout. You'll be glad you did. As for me, I'll be out helping some friends clean up today so stay safe and count your blessings. I know I did just that after the storms blew through.

Thanks for the great cards Dan.


  1. Glad you and your family are safe from the storm. Great cards from Dan. He's a heck of a trader.

  2. Same here, glad you are all OK. (at least as far as storm damage). I have a little pile to go your way also, as soon as I get caught up !

  3. I count my blessings every time I hear about a tornado, and I'm glad I live where I live.

    Glad you're all safe.