Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I hate you

I've only ever hated one person in my life.  It was my first step-father and that's enough about him.  (Sorry mom).  I know it's not right to hate so I try to leave that out of my life as much as possibe.

For you, I'm thinking I need to make an exception.  We started out fine nearly three years ago.  Things were great at first.  We both put a lot into the relationship and got a lot out of it.  I poured my time and energy into you and you introduced me to a whole new world.  Things got comfortable and we just enjoyed our time together. 

About a year and a half in, we started having some ups and downs.  Nothing major, but I needed a little time away.  Not much, just a break now and then.  I had dropped all my other friends to spend time with you and all I wanted was to invite them over for a movie or to play cards. 

Earlier this year, I rededicated myself to you, forsaking all other distractions.  What did you do?  You announced, rather boldly I might add, that you were changing.  You didn't like how you looked anymore and you wanted to make changes.  Well, I don't like change, but you didn't care.  You wanted to change anyway and if I wanted to stick with you, I had to accept it.  You gave me a deadline, but while I was thinking about our future together, you stopped keeping our dates.  We agreed to meet twice a day, but you didn't show up.  I have to go get you each and every time now.  It's getting really old.  On top of that, I don't like your new look.  You remind me of that actress from Dirty Dancing, Jennifer Grey.  You changed so much that I don't even recognize you.  Sure, the new look might grow on me, but if you don't start acting right, I don't know if I can stick with this relationship.  It's become a love/hate thing. 

I don't know if I can live like that anymore. 


A disgruntled Blogger user


  1. I'm not a fan of the format either! he old layout was far from perfect, but it was a lot more user-friendly than what has been recently forced on us.

  2. I would also like to sign this letter.

  3. You can still go back temporarily. The little gear-shaped device in the upper right corner will give you a drop-down menu that lets you go back. At least temporarily.

  4. Me too! I hate the new layout (you can, at least for now, revert back to the old layout in the options menu...that's what I did).

  5. I switched back, too... I've always been a fan of delaying the inevitable.

  6. You know... there is this sexy little thing called WordPress right? You should totally give her a call. I hear she's only dating about half the internet these days...

    lol. Seriously though, if you (or anyone else) wants any help migrating to WordPress (or even a different platform), it happens to be my specialty (literally, my day job). I'd be more than happy to help.

  7. You had me worried there for a minute.

  8. I use wordpress for my blog. I also use blogger for a blog that me and my wife do - we need alot less out of it and I don't really notice the change because what we're doing for that one doesn't take much.

    I like wordpress, but it seems like being on blogger would get more traffic. I don't think wordpress can get you $ on advertising, at least not as easily as blogger, but that doesn't impact my blog.

  9. I've had the new layout since it was rolled out and it has never really bothered me. Of course, I am the guy who absolutely refuses to switch to Facebook timeline, so I know how you all feel.