Friday, April 27, 2012

2012 Gypsy Queen vs. Vintage: Round 2

Welcome back to round 2 of the GQ vs. Vintage BATTLE ROYALE!!

Ok, simmer down a little.  As Captain Canuck so eloquently pointed out in the first post, the outcome of this "battle" is really not in doubt.  These posts actually just give me an excuse to show off $40 worth of GQ and $40 worth of vintage at the same time.  Actually, I shouldn't say "worth", but rather "cost".

It was a pretty easy first round for vintage. If you missed it, feel free to go check it out and come back.  Let's get started with round two.

Gypsy Queen Pack 3

Melky Cabrera, Giants--blech

Lance Berkman, Cardinals--Man, did they airbrush him skinny or what?
Jaime Garcia, Cardinals

Ok, so far that's a Giant and two Cardinals in this pack.  Not exactly the way to win over a Rangers collector. 

Jesus Guzman, Padres

Domonic Brown, Phillies--black bordered mini 1:12 packs. 

Nelson Cruz Moonshots!  Finally, a Ranger, but still not enough to overcome the early riff-raff of this pack. 

Gypsy Queen Pack 4

Victor Martinez, Tigers--Too bad he's out all year. 
Mark Trumbo, Angels

Ian Kinsler, Rangers--Finally a base Ranger. 
Ivan Nova, Yankees--Coincedence that a Yankee got beat in the pack by a Ranger?  I think not.

Jackie Robinson, Dodgers.  Gypsy Queen back mini.  Jackie Robinson is too big a figure to be on a mini. 

Jered Weaver, Angels-SP.  Not a bad end for that pack of GQ.

Vintage "Pack" 3

1976 Topps TSN All-Time All-Stars Mickey Cochrane.  Winner!

1976 Topps Ray Fosse.  The lady in the front row seems to think Mr. Fosse is funny. 

1976 Topps Jerry Grote.  Old-school catchers are cool.

1976 Topps Bob Montgomery.  The last of the '76s.

Vintage "Pack" 4 

1975 Topps Barry Foote.  Rookie Cup!!

1975 Topps Joe Ferguson.  Normally I'd give you the breakdown on a nice play at the plate like this, but you can check out Night Owls take on his 1975 Topps blog right here.  If you missed that blog when it was being written, set aside a few minutes every day until you can read all the posts.  It's worth it. 

1975 Topps Ray Fosse.  A nice companion to the '76 above and a nice "attention to detail" moment for tops with the pairing of the A's uniform colors with those border colors. 

1974 Topps Gerry Moses.  We wrap up this edition with a Yankee, but we'll let it slide since he's A, a catcher and B, not ARod or Teixiera. 

Alright, that's 1/4 of the way in so let's do a quick mental toteboard...vintage is kickin' GQ's butt.  Stay tuned for more packs soon. 

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