Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Watcha gonna do brother!

You've done it now Troll! Unleashin' a Hulkamania bippage on me?

Part of the Troll's epic package was a bippage, three ways.

First up was this Hulk Hogan bippage. I haven't watched wrestling in years, but when I did, Hulkamania was a big deal.

As if Hulk Hogan wasn't bad enough, the Troll also included enough 1992 John Jahas to field a complete team if only I had a pitcher. That's cruel and unusual punishment right there. It shall be repayed in kind...or worse. Notice the note explaining this bippage.

One thing about being a team collector is that you receive a ton of duplicates in trade packages. How nice of the Troll to share a stack of his 2006 Topps Devil Rays with me. Here you see just a few of the Doug Waechters, Chad Orvellas and Josh Pauls he sent over.

The funny thing is...I have a a huge stack of Ranger dupes. They might just find their way to Florida for the summer.


  1. Better say your prayers and take your vitamins brother.

  2. Those look hilarious on yer page... It was actually a recycled, "pass the buck" big... Pretty sure Captain Canuck bipped me with those Jaha's last year... Oh, the fun we have with cardboard...