Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Everyone loves vintage

Seriously, everyone does.

Oh sure, new stuff is interesting, but it just doesn't feel good like vintage. I'd rather hold a vintage card in my hand any day over some glossy, slick card.

Well, in this final post highlighting the epic box from the Troll, it's all vintage. No more of that new stuff.

1976 Topps AL Strikeout Leaders.  That will go nicely in the team collection. 

1970 Topps Willie Stargell.  Hey, Willie's not mis-cut, he's just misunderstood.

1970 Topps Dick Bosman.  Super-Action shot!  Not.  More like Super-Fake-Action shot!!!  Cool addition for the Senators collection though. 

1965 Topps Senators Rookies.  More Senators action...well, the card says so, but the prison-issued caps are suspect.

1965 Topps Pete Richert. You know how to avoid the prison issued cap look?  Don't wear a cap on your flattop, that's how. 

1961 Topps Dave Sisler.  Too cool for school. 

1960 Topps Faye Throneberry.  Less cool, but dig that far off stare.  He's thinking about playing the outfield, shagging some flyballs...lucky SOB. 

1958 Topps Norm Zauchin.  Norm's not thinking about flyballs and BP.  No sir, he's thinking, how did they get my name up there?

1956 Topps Roy Sievers.  Favorite.  Set.  Ever.  I love the '56 set and if I won the lottery, I'd buy a gem mint set and give it away on the blog and then I'd build my own set, one well-loved card at a time. 

1956 Topps Early Wynn.  Wynner, wynner....well, you know the rest.  These are two great additions to my collection.  The '56 set has some amazing play at the plate cards and I have a few of those.  I didn't have any other cards from the set and this just makes me want to forget ever buying another new pack and spending my entire card budget on '56s.  I love 'em.

This concludes the epic box that the Troll sent over.  I'll leave the Skate at the Plate header up a few more days to honor the Troll and those lovely Bradentucky Bombers. 

Thanks a ton Marck! 

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  1. Love the 56 Wynn... that set has an amazing design.