Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pirating the Blog

Some people are lucky. Take Brian from Pirates Treasure Room. If you haven't read this post, you may not realize what I'm talking about. Go read it...then come back and check out the stuff he sent me in our first trade.

Brian sent me a stack of Rangers. You can't go wrong when you include vintage Rangers. The Rangers have only been the Rangers since 1972 so I don't have nearly as many vintage cards to chase for my collection.

This is one of my favorite vintage sets. Len Randle is really excited to be in Texas where he belongs.

Brian must have noticed in a post that I'm sort of, very lazily, looking for these 2012 Topps Heritage JFK inserts.

I do believe this is my very first Yu Darvish card. It says 2009 Topps on the back, but I'm not sure if it's part of an insert set or from Bowman or what. I'm glad to have a Darvish in the team box.

This is a poorly designed 2009 UD X Josh Hamilton Exponential X3. I think a card that takes up half the front just for design purposes is somewhat wasteful of prime real estate.

This 2012 Heritage AL Batting Leaders Chrome #1308/1963 was one of the main reasons for the trade. Look how Michael Young is the focus of the card, even though he was third in the batting title race.

I told you yesterday to remember that 2002 UD Juan Gonzalez The People's Choice jersey card. The one I showed you then had a white swatch. This one is obviously grey. Is that a jersey rainbow?

I'm not 100% sure, but I this is from 2011 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects. Jurickson Profar is highly thought of prospect, but he's stuck with Elvis Andrus ahead of him at short and with the Rangers talking a long term deal with Ian Kinsler, it looks like second may not be an option either.

Brian, thanks for the cards. We'll do another trade down the road. I know I have an Andy Van Slyke auto somewhere...


  1. Nice stuff. I just complete my first trade with Brian too. Why is it that almost all Dodgers bloggers are named Greg and every other blogger is named Brian?

  2. It was a sweet trade and I look forward to trading again. Had I known you were getting the Igor jersey from someone else I would have included a Pudge Rodriguez jersey instead. Maybe for our next trade.

    That Darvish is from Topps 2009 World Classic Baseball set. I bought the complete set for the Jason Bay. I was in need of Bay, but every time it would have cost me $7 shipped on ebay so when I saw the complete set discounted at Toys R Us for $9 I bought it. I broke up the set and have been including some of the player's cards in trades as extras.

  3. Psst. That Gonzalez relic is actually from me! (Sort of). Pirates Treasure Room won it one of my contests.