Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 Gint-A-Cuffs Packs 1-4: It didn't take long to find the first hit

I enjoy Gint-A-Cuffs for two reasons.  One, I was fortunate enough to win it a couple years ago. Secondly, it takes a product I really enjoy opening and gives it a little contest flair and everyone know I love a good contest.

Thanks to the Roller Coaster box topper, I start opening packs with a 12 point start.

Pack 1--This pack was amazing.  6 of the 8 cars were scoring cards.

Unfortunately, the first card in the first pack was a Yankee.  That's an ominous start.
Brett Gardner, Yankee -1 point.

David Price, favorite player, +2 points.

Yu Darvish, my favorite team, +1.  Nice to get one of these early in the box.

David Freese, Sketch Card, +3 points.

Torii Hunter, A&G back mini +2.  It didn't occur to me until later in the box to scan the back of these.

Jonathan Papelbon, SP +2.

Non-scoring cards:
Geovany Soto ( I should get half a point since he's a Ranger now)
Joey Votto - Participation must be down for him not to be a favorite player

Pack 1 total - 9 points.  Not too shabby for a non-hit pack.
Running total - 21 points

Pack 2

Heath Bell, favorite player +2 points.

Lynn Nolan Ryan, What's In a Name, +1 favorite team, +2 WIN insert, +3 total.

Melky Cabrera, framed jersey relic, +10 points.
The first hit was underwhelming to say the least, but it scores the same.

Non-scoring cards:
Brett Anderson
Josh Beckett
Lance Berkman
Colby Rasmus regular back mini

Pack 2 total - 15 points
Running total - 36 points

There's no way I'm keeping up this pace.

Pack 3

Mark Teixeira, Yankee, -1 point.
And so it begins.

Cyrus the Great, WGML mini, +3 points.

Ichiro, Sketch card, +3 points.  Thank goodness he's in a Mariners uni.

Bob Gibson, bad-ass, SP +2 points.

Non-scoring cards:
John Axford, Pirate man
Brett Lowrie
Darwin Barney, student of evolution
Matt Latos, I should have scanned this one, but if you pull one, take a close look at it.  He looks like he's part alligator.

Pack 3 total - 7 points
Running total - 43 points

Pack 4

Don Denkinger, +1 point 'cause Mark said so.

Justin Verlander, regular back mini & favorite player of someone else, +3 points

Troy Trevor Tulowitzki, aka T Cubed, WIN Insert, +2 points.

Non-scoring cards:
Brandon Phillips
James Shields
Tsuyoshi Wada
Carlos Gonzalez
Ian Desmond

Pack 4 total - 6 points
Running total - 49 points

Not too shabby for the first 4 packs + the box topper.  We'll see if I can keep up that pace.  I'm guessing not.

If you notice a scoring error, please let me know.


  1. Third card in and you get a Ranger. I finished my entire box without one single Oriole. Sux to be me I guess. :-0

  2. I see that you have pulled a few Marlins cards. If they become up for grabs at any point please keep me in mind. We can work something out... Thanks.

  3. If the Verlander is available, I wouldn't mind seeing it end up in my pile.

  4. Don't know if i like the border this year?