Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I need a new budget

I found out my little side job is coming to an end this month.   It paid $80/month for about 15-20 minutes of yard work once a week.  The family is moving to Florida and that is a bit of a commute from North Texas.  That means I'm losing a big chunk of my card budget.  The biggest chunk actually.

I'll try to put the word out and get another "customer" or two so I can keep my card buying habit going.  Otherwise, I might miss out on trades like this one with Robert over at $30 a Week Habit.  I was able to turn a Bowman Blue Jay auto I pulled from a pack into these gems.

Another Joe Mauer for the collection my son has now taken over.  He was very happy.

I was happy to add this Gypsy Queen Nelson Cruz to my collection.  Ok, who am I kidding, they'll all be my son's eventually, but for the time being, it's mine!  All mine!!  **Maniacal laugh**

Robert, thanks for the cards (yours will be on the way this week) and thanks for showing me you CAN collect on a budget.


  1. Nice choice on the banner card, are you a closet Angels fan by chance? Hee-hee.

  2. Outside of my frivolous spending at the National, I've tried to make sure that $30/week is adhered to.

    Glad you enjoyed the cards, I did receive your end yesterday, and will have a post up soon!

  3. Testing...testing. I got two comments on this post that aren't showing up. Weird blogger.