Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fame isn't all it's cracked up to be

Her name wasn't really Cynthia Pritchard. She wasn't a cheerleader, she never got poor grades and she had both parents. The only thing they got right was her age.

It all started about 8 months ago when Sarah was approached at a Phillies game by two guys. They introduced themselves as George Allen and Wally Ginter They had seen Sarah on the jumbotron and thought she would be perfect for a new promotion they were cooking up.

Like most teenagers these days, Sarah just assumed she would be famous one day and this seemed like her chance. She convinced her father, the head of security at the local White Castle, to let her go see what it was all about.

Fast forward eight months and Sarah, aka Cynthia Pritchard, was regretting everything about that day. She wished she hadn't gone to the Phillies game, hadn't been on the jumbotron and hadn't agreed to meet Allen & Ginter about their promotion. Her life had been turned upside down.

Every geeky 7th grader in her town would come up to her, drooling all over themselves, holding out sharpies and cards for her to sign. Middle-aged men, many of them "bloggers" (CREEPY!) would send her cards in the mail asking her to sign them. What the hell does TTM mean anyway, she wondered. All she could hope was it wasn't like the S&M her classmate Billy Hawkins had tried to talk her into, yuck!

A&G, that's what Allen & Ginter called themselves, told her not to worry. The "fame" would pass soon enough. It seems card collectors have a very short attention span and something new and shiny would come out soon and distract them.

Sarah hoped they were right. She couldn't take all the creepiness anymore. Now, if she could just get Kim Kardashian to call her back.

(I'm glad I got this written. I didn't want to read anyone else's post until I was finished.)


  1. Very nice. I felt the same way; I'm just starting to read some other entries now that I've finished. I about sprayed my drink at "What the hell does TTM mean anyway". Classic