Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Numbers Game

The Rangers are 25 games over .500 with 33 games to play and I'm still not comfortable.  Can someone please tell the A's they aren't supposed to be playing so well.  They are only 5.5 games back of the Rangers and are tied for the Wild Card lead.   I guess the Rangers will just have to keep playing like they have the last two days.  On Monday, they beat David Price 6-5 and last night, well, last night was something else.  

Despite getting in some jams, Yu Darvish and the Rangers defense put up rare 1-0 win at the Ballpark.  It was only the 12th 1-0 game at the Ballpark since it opened in 1994. Darvish posted his 8th 10 strikeout game of the season.  His 13 victories are a Rangers rookie record and more importantly, his walk totals are coming down.  Pitching is great, but you can't win a 1-0 game all by yourself.  At least not in the A.L. with the designated hitter.

Ian Kinsler homered in the 4th inning and it was a good thing he did.  No other Ranger made it past 2nd base.  Mitch Moreland put up a couple of defensive gems and the rest was church.

Joe Nathan came on in the 9th and struck out the side in order to get his 25th straight save.  The Rangers finish up with Tampa Bay tonight and then it's on to Cleveland, Kansas City and three more with the Rays.  Hopefully the team keeps hitting on all cylinders and the A's can't catch up no matter how great they play.

On a side note, Roy Oswalt cleared waivers a while back and apparently the Rangers are shopping him.  If you're a starter and a leading contender doesn't want you, that can't be good.  I say good riddance.

It's off to bed for me.  Hopefully I'll wake up to another good result as Matt Harrison goes for win number 16.


  1. Bro... I've told them a bunch of times to stop playing with my emotions. But they just won't listen. I have no idea how they're (the A's) doing it... but I'm lovin' it.

  2. How about a Giants Rangers rematch this year? Melky gave us home field advantage before getting the boot and that will help us triumph in 7!

  3. I'm ok with rangers..giants not so much