Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gint-A-Cuffs: Packs 13-16 The Road to Hitsville

I'm not sitting in a good spot with half my box opened, but I know some things you don't know.  I've only pulled one hit so far, so there should be two left.  Or maybe I got a 4th hit in my box.  I'm not saying I did, but I'm not saying I didn't either.

Total through 12 packs: 96 points

Pack 13

Dale Webster, surfer dude, -1.  Not a good way to start the second half of the box.  Sort of like starting with a Yankee in your first pack, which I also did.

Jose Bautista, favorite player, +2 points

Coco Crisp, A&G back mini, +2 points

Ken Griffey Jr., favorite player, +2 points, WIN, +2 points, total +4 points

Non-scoring cards:

Aramis Ramirez
Michael Cuddyer
David Ortiz
Luke Hochevar

Pack 13 total - 7 points
Running total - 103 points.  Hey, it's triple digit time.

Pack 14

Joe Nathan, my favorite team, +1 point

Sears Willis Tower, WTB, +3 points

Chipper Jones, favorite player black bordered mini, +6 points.  Not too shabby.

Colby Lewis, SP for my favorite team, +3

Non-scoring cards:

Ewa Mataya
Chris Perez
Bob Hurley Sr.
Johnny Cueto

Pack 14 total - 13 points.  That's pretty good for a pack without a hit.
Running total - 116 points

Pack 15

Dalmation, MBF mini, +3 points

Gordon Beckham, framed jersey relic, +10 points.  I don't remember who pulled one of these blue White Sox relics with a pinstripe, but I think the blue unis were worn for a special game.

Ty Cobb, WIN, +2

Non-scoring cards:

Brian McCann
Huston Street
Sandy Koufax
Ty Cobb...Cobb hot pack!!!

Pack 15 total - 15 points
Running total - 131 points

Pack 16

Bob Knight, -1 point.  I was on such a good roll too.

Derek Holland, my favorite team, +1 point.  Holland, I dig you man, but you need to straighten up and quick.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, MM mini, +3 points.  So glad the powdered wigs went out of style.

Cliff Lee, WIN, +2 points.  Is anyone surprised he cleared waivers.  No one wants to eat that contract.

Non-scoring cards:

Doug Fister
Lonnie Chisenhall
Jesus Montero
Vance Worley...C'mon Topps, get a different picture of Vance.  Please.

Pack 16 total - 5 points
Running total - 136

I averaged 10 points per pack that round so that's pretty good.  Only 8 more to go.  I know you're relieved.

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