Saturday, August 4, 2012

I might need a scoring clarification

Technically, these cards didn't come from my Gint-A-Cuffs box, but they were in WITH my Gint-A-Cuffs box. One of the Community Gum boys included a padded envelope full of cards with my order.  Something about owing me something, but I don't see now.

At any rate, I was thinking I could really use the point boost by getting to count these with my Ginter packs.  Sounds like a great idea right?  No?  I was afraid you wouldn't understand.

These four 1999 Topps Tek Rangers are super nice.  I dig the acetate cards and the only thing that is maddening about them is there were like a bazillion versions for each player.

This is Pudge, version 23A P-15.  That's what it says on the back.  I'm not making this up.

How about Pudge, version 23B P-23?  I know, it's confusing as all get out.

Pudge isn't the only one with all these versions.  Here you have Juan Gonzalez, version 41A P-06.

I really like Juan's 41B P-24 card.  It has MVP embossed on the front of the card and looks great.

I'm not sure If I got the set right on this, but it's from some 2002 Upper Deck set.  It's a quad card with bat pieces from David Justice, Edgar Martinez, Darin Erstad and Juan Gonzalez.  Very nice.

The way I see it the quad relic should be worth 10 points and the Topps Tek cards should fetch 3 points each for coolness.  Unfortunately, the whole bunch gets a -22 points because Topps made to many variations of the Tek cards.   That's a grand total of zero points!!

Oh well, it was fun and I appreciate the great extras from the CG boys! Thanks.

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  1. I love those tek cards. I received my first one last week of Mike Piazza. I think you should automatically get + 60 for any non-cardboard cards.