Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Your skins on the wall don't matter around here

I'm sick of Roy Oswalt.

His sour demeanor isn't needed in the Rangers clubhouse.  He won't pitch more than 2 innings in relief because he's "tired".  He gets ticked when he comes out after 4 2/3.  I know he wants the win, but he hasn't proven anything since he came here and his surly attitude isn't scoring him any points with Ron Washington or his teammates.

Hey Roy, those two 20 win seasons?  Seven years ago.   Sure, you're 4-2 with the Rangers, but one of those wins was in relief and the Rangers bailed you out in the other after you gave up 5 runs.  You set a career mark by giving up 13 hits in a start in late June and then tied it in your very next start.  In 3 of your 6 starts, you gave up 5, 8 and 9 earned runs.  Your ERA is 6.53 for goodness sake and the Rangers are paying you $5 million!  If they want you to spot start, you spot start.  If they want you to come out of the pen, you come out of the pen.  If they want you to carry Robbie Ross' pink backpack, then strap that sucker on and get movin'.

Straighten up Roy, or hit the road.

I wouldn't be sad if the Rangers cut Roy loose and he got picked up by another contender.  At least then the Rangers bats could put a hurt on him like so many other teams have done.


  1. It needed to be said. Well done.

    Glad Dempster turned in a nice performance for you the other night.