Monday, August 20, 2012

Every blogger needs one of these

If you haven't won a contest or made a trade with the great Fuji of The Chronicles of Fuji, you're missing out on having one of these sweet custom cards.

Every blogger needs some of these to send out with their packages.  It would be nice to have something like this from everyone.  That would create a whole new wantlist.  

In Fuji's latest epic contest, I ended up winning one of the two prizes I wanted most.  It was a lot of refractors and I only scanned one, because I'm only keeping one.  This 2007 Bowman Chrome Pudge will be staying in my Pudge collection, but the rest will be going to a certain someone who won my end of the year contest for 2011.

Fuji, thanks for a fun contest and a great prize!


  1. Fuji is a legend!
    I have 3 all red ink, think Red Ink is the most common, gonna have to get one graded one day!

  2. I want a silver ink or green ink FUJI!

  3. I have one other one (I think). I also think it's a red auto.

  4. Glad the cards arrived safely and thanks again for your participation.

    As for the autographs... I guess I should have signed 50 red, 50 green, and 50 blue. Instead... I just signed a bunch with whatever Sharpie was handy. It looks like red is the most common.

    A few people have requested specific colors... but I never kept track of how many of each are out there.

  5. I've got one, although I didn't know there were "ink variations". Looks like I've got the blue and greek ink "parallels" to chase!