Saturday, August 4, 2012

August Contest: Part 4

I'm sure by the time you read this, I'll be sick of the whole moving process.  As always, you can still go back and answer any questions you may have missed.

Let's be a little random with this question and see what kind of answers we get.

What is your favorite _____________?  You fill in the blank.  It could be food, tv show, video game, team, whatever.   Just fill in the blank and answer.

This should be entertaining.


  1. Favorite TV show ever:

    "Homicide, Life on the Streets"

    1) cop show
    2) based in Baltimore
    3) Andre Braugher, Richard Belzer, Melissa Leo, and Yaphet Kotto, etc ... maybe the best cast ever

  2. Olympic athlete - Dong Dong, the Chinese guy that won the men's trampoline competition last night.

  3. What is your favorite ~ Band/Music act?

    Let's see:
    Heavy yet melodic~ I like
    Blues based- I like
    Great gutitar licks~ I like
    Strong members on all instruments~ I like
    Songs about women, booze, gambling, etc.~ I like
    Many great albums~ I like them all

    Go listen to any album with an open mind and I bet you find something you like.

    Just my 2 cents.

  4. Vacation city: Chicago. So many different things to see and wonderful places to eat!

  5. Movie: The Sandlot. I've probably seen it around 30 times by now.

  6. What is your favorite...blogger, when it comes to contests. Play at the Plate, who else. Just kidding.

    What is your favorite restaurant? Red Robin. Yummmm! Need I say more. Okay, then I will say more. Bottomless steak fries. You want more...okay. I get The Royal almost every time: burger, bacon, cheese, and a fried egg. I always get it on a croissant instead of a's delicious! It's like having a breakfast burger. The service is always good and the kids love it too, because they get to color and get a free balloon. Here's a tip for all the parents out there. The kids mac and cheese is actually good and they give a free refill. We always have our kids split it and it's plenty.

  7. What is your favorite... video game? OOTP, a text-based baseball sim that helps me kill more hours than I'm willing to admit.

  8. ...Board Game...The Game of LIFE. There are many great board games, but I think LIFE is by far the best. Honorable Mention: Sorry, 13 Dead-end Drive, Acquire.

  9. Favorite: Talk Show.

    The Graham Norton Show.

    Unlike any American talk show you've seen. Absolutely hilarious, fantastic and varied guests. Just nails.

  10. TV Segment: Jack Hanna on David Letterman. Dave frustrates him to no end with silly question and incorrect scientific terms, and it's hilarious.

  11. Ugh Graham Norton
    Food: Steak & Kidney Pie, with Chips (Thick Fries) & Mushy Peas!

  12. food; pizza!!

    -americans- rolling my eyes at myself

  13. Favorite baseball player. Lance Lynn! :)

  14. since it is going to happen tomorrow , I'll say my fill in the blank is Quality time with kids. Which happens to being going to the local AAA Rochester Red Wings game and sharing peanuts. But actaully tomorrow the Scranton-Wilkebarre Yankees are playing the Indianapolis Indians (?). The SW Yankees have called Rochester home due to their stadium going through renovations..So , to the ball game with kiddos..

  15. My favorite: blog contest question.

    Answer: One that doesn't make me think too much.

    This question made me think to much

    *angry face*

  16. Favorite way to kill a Saturday afternoon:

    1 out of 1000, Awesome good times on two wheels!! Not often you get to transverse a major metropolitan tourist area, riding some 22 miles, and blow through every light on the way! All escorted by the Virginia Beach Police Department!

  17. My favorite video games are those from the Resident Evil series dating back to the original Playstation.

  18. Favourite cartoon? Scooby Doo.

    there is no other.

  19. My favorite pastime: Visiting new states

    I was fortunate this weekend to make Maryland the 19th state that I've stepped foot in since I moved to the US, and hopefully I'll get a chance to visit all 50 of them during my lifetime.

  20. My favorite pizza toppings: pepperoni, pineapple, banana peppers

    The perfect blend of sweet, sour, tangy, meaty, and spicy. Try it you might like it.

  21. My favorite Olympics athletic fashion:

    Women's Volleyball (Beach or Indoor, either or)

  22. Food? Anything Mexican. My family has an awesome chicken enchilada recipe that has been handed down that is absolutely delicious. It is so good that Thanksgiving leftovers get turned into turkey enchiladas!

  23. my favorite tv cop show drama:

    the shield
    fantastic anti-hero.
    fantastic supporting cast
    fantastic ending where he gets his due in his own private hell.

  24. My favorite non-American female Olympic athlete:

    Anita Punt, New Zealand field hockey player.

    Seriously. Look her up.

  25. Moment from the weekend. Watching Justin Maxwell mash two homers to lead the Astros to victory over the Braves in Atlanta!

  26. Favorite Zombie movie?
    Zombieland. Woodie Harrelson is great, Emma stone is hot and I can't believe they got the facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg to act in it.

  27. Favorite Tim Horton's doughnut: honey cruller

  28. Reality tv show - Big Brother, forsome reason I cant get enough

  29. Favorite author: Kurt Vonnegut. Well, one of many favorites, but he's pretty high up there, and he needs to be mentioned, 'cause Ginter needs to make him a damn card.