Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Your second course

Night Owl gave you a mini appetizer the other day so I thought it was time for your second course.  Just yesterday, FedEx delivered a late birthday gift from my wife.  

It was the George Foreman Panini Grill.  I thought we'd have sandwiches for our entree.

How about 10 Paninis?  That should be enough to feed everyone.  I broke my rule and bought some Panini cards.  I saw these around the 'sphere and it's interesting enough, and cheap enough, that I thought I'd give it a shot.  10 packs for $10?  Can't beat that with a stick, especially after getting 15 Chrome cards for the same price.

I got two of these awesome eye black cards, both with the flames. Very cool.

I got 2 of the 8 Baseball 101 cards.  I have Diamond and Stealing.  I need the Scoring Runs card because it's a faux play at the plate.

There are 30 sticker cards and they come 1 per pack.  I got three player stickers, including two of the Brandon Phillips.

The other sticker was Clayton Kershaw.  My other seven stickers were the generic baseball stickers and I didn't scan one.  They are awesome in their own right and make me wish I was in school so I could stick them on my binder.

I had a mess of base cards, but I chose this Longoria to show just because it's an example of how generic the "art" is on these cards.  That looks like a beer league softball third baseman.

The Focus insert set has 30 cards and I pulled 5 of them.  These will be going out in trade packages to various people.

One of the cooler inserts is from the "When I was a kid" set.  I pulled a Josh Hamilton and a...card that I'll be trading away sight unseen.  The Hamilton has an excerpt from his book on the back.  There are only 10 of these and Josh is the only Ranger so I'm done with these.  

This is the Josh Hamilton puzzle card.  It's piece 5 of 9, but I don't know if I need all 9 pieces.  Yes...yes I do need all nine pieces.

The Hall of Fame cards fall 1:12 packs.  I pulled Willie McCovey, one of just 12 HOF'ers in the set.  I need the Nolan Ryan.  

The Real Feel authentic material cards fall 1:24 packs.  I guess the pack searchers weren't feeling up these packs.  I pulled the Baseball Jersey card.  There are also cards for a Base, Bat, Pants, Glove and Batting Glove.  These are basically manu-patches as they aren't really game used or even from a real player.   This is actually the most honest "relic" on the market today as Panini makes no claim that these are game used or from a certain player.

I also got two of the Tattoos, but I forgot to scan one of them.  I'll probably send those out in random packs unless someone is trying build the whole set.  Overall, the cards are pretty neat and even if they are designed for kids, I like them.  My 12 year old is the only kid I've ever seen at a retail store buying baseball cards so I don't know if there is much of a market for these with the younger set, even though I think kids would like them.  I think I'll be satisfied with collecting the Texas cards.


  1. The McCovey cap looks airbrushed.

  2. I would love to trade for the McCovey card. I bought a few packs but didn't get a Ryan (got a Paul Molitor). I am sure I can find something off your want list. Let me know if it is for trade.

  3. It's already in your pile with the other stuff I have for you.

  4. I still can't find any packs around my area, just empty boxes...but I can find them on ebay for $$$ just wrote about it on my blog.