Friday, August 10, 2012

Seeing Red

My A/C went out again yesterday.  My wife woke me up because it was "warm" in the house.  It was 82 degrees on the way to 88.  That's more than warm.

$294 later and the house is cooled off and the budget for school clothes for my kids is blown.

But hey, I've got this cool USA Taylor Teagarden red jersey swatch.

Thanks Dustin.  It's nice to have a distraction from the problems real life throws at you.  


  1. I can sympathize with your A/C trials, sir. I had to make two separate service appointments earlier this summer because our blower and thermostat were both acting up.

    May your warmest days be behind you...

  2. on the plus side, you are blessed with air conditioning. Our house was 80-84 all last week and no air conditioning. No one here has air conditioning.
    I spent a lot of time at Safeway in the frozen food aisle.

  3. Thank goodness the temperatures have cooled off to the upper 90s. Can you imagine how bad your house would have been if it was hot outside?

  4. Teagarden is quite cooling. Glad he offered a little relief from the AC woes.